PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl Marquee Tempe Review & Set List Night 2

PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl Tempe Poster By LV

PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl turned up the heat in Arizona, joined by Larry Graham again.


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Diagnosis: The Funk Train To Graham Central Station….

Set List (Provided by our no-name reporter)
The Breakdown
Let’s Go Crazy (w/Frankenstein)
Play That Funky Music
The Love We Make
Forever In My Life (PRINCE on bass)
She’s Always In My Hair
Joy In Repetition (Reggae version w/Larry Graham
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (w/Larry Graham)

Sampler Set
When Doves Cry
Nasty Girl (instr.)
Sign O’ The Times
A Love Bizarre
I Would Die 4 U
Hot Thing
Pop Life
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Purple Rain
Purple Rain Reprise
Let’s Go
Plectrum Electrum

Came out for final bow 15 mins after over to say thank you



  • EnlightMent
    Posted at 23:27h, 02 May

    Now thats just way too much money forsure. yah it is 63.5 per otogasm. Because you will have 2 per hour. Then add in the fact you wont have to add any drinks or drugs because Prince is the endorphinmachine and suplies more then you will ever need or want. Will save you $50. Then the love that fills the room is priceless and should pay for your plane tickets.

    I spent 8000 or more on a cruise for the family. It was supposed to releave stress, however, from the first day my wife and I were stressed out and could not relax. we tried hard to relax but with true relaxation comes easy and makes u feel wonderful all over. Hearing and see him and all of 3rdeyegirl play is the second best way to relax. The 1st is free but it is “work” and you have to “tap tap tap” to put her in her place. Because of the joy it brings many cant do this work because of the noise.

    Save up… Sell old stuff… It will be worth it, but you will get more then ur money’s worth if u unwind before and just start to think like the keys on his piano. Yah yah that’s it. Love4oneAnother will give you Joy N Repetition which gives u true peace which then allows you to handle these hard times and look at the world with Princes heart and see what he see. U might have to tighten up folks cause at times we allow ourselves to become plugged up which causes noise, so this might hurt a little.

    Don’t u like it when your friends let u be yourself? Isn’t that true love that we yearn for our whole life? To find the one who loves you for u. All of us have that person looking for us and we need to have our eyes wide open and be ready to do what it take and not let anything get u down to truly see. Don’t worry bout what other ppl say.

    There was a lot of love in Tempe last few nights all because of the one who has opened Princes heart. He is no longer so prideful to try and run everything on his own or try and do everything by himself. Now that he has figured it out. are we now going to leave him cause we don’t totally understand his mind? Relax let the groove unwind ur mind a little. It took two nights for my mind to relax. It was all cramped up and needed a lot of work. prince helped me out by falling into crowd to the left of me but then someone push me in front of the stage And i found myself holding up his legs. I had earlier told my wife he doesn’t like to be touched and pushed her had away. I don’t think he liked that very much at all. I watched what he did after that for awhile trying to figure out how to Make it right. Well I get shoved under him and look up and say way cool I’m holding him up hehe.

    I then understood if he didn’t want to be touched in a job well done fashion he or Donna would not get that close. My son touched both of their guitars which now he might go home and practice.
    The whole point is don’t let these hard time change u into a stiff robot who is scared to or has forgotten how to have fun! The right kind of fun will bring u unstoppable joy just as the right kind of work will bring U peace. Don’t be worried about what people might say because if they run their mouth then they just don’t get it! You do it cause it makes u happy!

    For two nights I watched Prince give everything he had to send a msg of love4oneanother before it is to late. Hard times are here and we need everybody’s help. Why not relax and use the help Prince is offering. Imagine being able to hear him sing forever which might sound like a dream, but then I’m a dreamer too!

    Wow I have all these thoughts that were locked up and wound tight in the noise. The type of noise that drowns out logic and understanding and agreement. We all need to come together as one if we hope to see forever. Over and over… over and over compassion,

    Thank you 3rdeyegirl for you love these last few nights. Thank you Donna, Hanna, Ida, and Princea. Thank you for sharing your love that prince has shared with you. Thank you Doc. Funkenberry for your funkyness… DUDE… Thank you Seth for being you and despite doing other things opens up his time for us to wet our minds to prepare for the flood of luv at the concerts.
    Thank you guitar stage hand dude for just being u and making sure Devin got a plectrum wasn’t Electrum but still how cool. Thank you also to everyone who shared these concerts with us. The ones who were engaged as much as we were.

    To you folks who kept taking pics………… U need to FIXURLIFEUP.

    Prince if u read this truly from our hearts to yours thank u for being who u are. We thank the creator of music for you all the time to keep u safe and to never stop working it. 68:4

    Thank you for sending help,

    P.S. After witnessing that concert are we going to let that elevator get u down?
    OH………… NO………….. OH………….. NO…………. LET’s go CRAZY!!!!

  • Jessica
    Posted at 21:40h, 02 May

    I was at the March 30th show in Tempe and I arrived at 4:30 (doors opened 6:30) and I was front row just behind the VIP pit, but I asked some of the people who got the wrist band for the VIP pit what time they had to arrived and they all said they arrived around 2:00. I will say that Prince fans are awesome! I really enjoyed all of the conversations I had in line with other fellow fans while I waited to get into the venue and again with the people I stood by at the concert. The show was awesome, Prince did not disappoint at all I wish I could follow this tour because it was truly incredible.

  • Courtney
    Posted at 21:00h, 02 May

    @Mr Brown – Dr Funkenberry is the only source I trust for accurate Prince news and info. He has already debunked the England show rumors. There are no shows happening in England.
    @Phillip – Yes! That was amazing and do surprising!! I was shocked when Prince fell into the crowd and let people touch him. We were directly in that spot so we got to be one of the lucky few. 🙂

  • Philip
    Posted at 20:54h, 02 May

    Another big thing is he fell backwards into the VIP crowd playing his guitar while the crowd held him up!!!!!!

  • Mr Brown
    Posted at 15:34h, 02 May

    I read in the paper that Prince is going perform a series of intimate gigs in England in the coming months.Is this true?.I really hope so.

  • Jason
    Posted at 14:35h, 02 May

    Philip, I forgot that when Prince said about “Oohhhh they gonna be mad. Get on your phones and tell them Larry Grahm was on stage!” That was hilarious.

    Also funny was Prince’s animations during ‘She’s Always in my Hair’, and how he ran off the stage towards the end.

    Posted at 09:07h, 02 May

    Best funkin’ concert ever! Showed up at 4:30 and was worth the two hour wait to get in. Was fortunate enough to get a VIP wrist band. I was like 4ft away from him center stage. From the get go the venue was filled with energy. Loved the faces he kept making. Then when Larry took the stage…oh man did they set it off. When they were done jamming Prince said, “Oohhhh they gonna be mad. Get on your phones and tell them Larry Grahm was on stage!” He also had the crowd singing Play that funky music white boy. Then at the end of the song he says laughing, “What yall call me?’ Want to say thank you to my cuz for sharing her winning tickets with me and thank you Eva 95.5. Hereford TX was in the house!

  • Courtney
    Posted at 07:22h, 02 May

    Michael – there’s no merchandise. We got there at 4pm to stand in line. We did get VIP wrist bands. The very first people in line told me that they arrived at noon. We were smart the second show and brought camping chairs to sit in while we waited, then just threw them in the car. Best of luck getting VIP, and have a great time in San Diego.

  • Michael
    Posted at 07:06h, 02 May

    I am going to see Prince tomorrow and Saturday in San Diego both Late Shows. How early should I get there to score a wrist band? Any advice will be valued. Is he selling any merchandise at the show? Thankz!

  • Courtney
    Posted at 01:53h, 02 May

    Epic rock show tonight by Prince and 3rdEyeGirl! I’m torn between which night was better. Tonight was shorter than last night, but he started on time, and rocked the house. Tonight was a much better crowd than the first show, and security did a good job of keeping on top of the few people that got out of control. A VIP wrist band got me right to the stage tonight, so I might be just a little partial to the second show. 😉

  • Jason
    Posted at 01:31h, 02 May

    The show started at 8:25 and ended at 10:15. The houselights came on, but there was still a few hundred that wouldn’t leave. We were hoping that maybe they would start up again since the curtains were still closed and the mike stand was still out there. But after about 10 or 15 minutes, Prince walked back out by himself to say thank you and goodbye, and tell us that it was really over. That was neat to me because I was only 10 feet from him, and I know I’ll never get that close again. But we still wouldn’t leave. After the curtain started to open up, then we realized it was over, the crew were packing up the drum kit and amps.

    Quick Review:

    I am so glad I got to go. It was a little birthday present to myself (my birthday is Mary 12). The venue was super hot and sticky, but everyone around me was pretty friendly. I was in the center halfway between the stage and the soundboard. The sound quality was loud, but clear. At times the crowd drowned out the band, we were that pumped for it. I saw former NBA player and Phoenix Sun Eddie Johnson before the show.

    The sampler set had I think (not sure of order): Alphabet St. (just a tiny snippet), When Doves Cry, Nasty Girl, Housequake, Sign ‘O’ The Times, A Love Bizarre, Pop Life, Hot Thing, I Would Die 4 U, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (snippet).

    Purple Rain was the version with Prince on keys and included a good portion of Adore.

    Larry Graham was awesome.
    My favorites tonight were ‘Joy in Repetition’ and ‘She’s Always in My Hair’

    ‘Forever in My Life’ gave me the chills. That’s one of my favorite songs ever, not just by Prince.

    Something that I didn’t think about until I was driving home is that Prince seems really, really happy on stage. He was really playful with the audience, talkative, smiled a lot, and the crowd responded in kind.

    One last thing: when I parked in the garage across from The Marquee, I was walking on the street when I saw all of 3rdEyeGirl get off the bus. It was just completely random and cool. But I was too shy to say hi. And something happened when they got off the bus that was the funniest thing of the night, but I’ll just keep it to myself. 🙂


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