Andre Cymone Releases New Song “My Best Friend”, Dedicated To His Mother

Andre Cymone Promo Photo

Andre Cymone has released a new single entitled “My Best Friend” which he has dedicated to his mother, Bernadette Anderson.

Andre sent me this message to share:

“Today is my mothers birthday and I wanted to do something for her. It’s just a demo but today felt like the right day.”

I caught up with Andre after 3rdEyeGirl’s show in Anaheim a couple of weeks back and Andre was in a great and joking mood.

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I’m not going to go into history, but Bernadette Anderson played an important part in many people’s lives in Minneapolis. If Andre or others wish to share that story, it is up to them. For now, enjoy “My Best Friend” a demo by Andre Cymone, dedicated to his mother, Bernadette Anderson.-DocFB

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  2. ETMS

    “You saw me larger than I saw myself, through sick and health you are my wealth”. My favorite line. Heartfelt. Thank you…

  3. Tom509

    Thanks for the post Andre, and Doc! I enjoy the song! I think that writing a song like that shows that you are an awesome friend to Bernadette as well. I’m sure she appreciates the love.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank U for being a Gentleman and Honor your mother Mr Andre i couldn’t tune the server but i bet is an Awesome song. Have and Awesome Birthday Celebrating your Beautiful mother and best friend ( my Ma was my best friend also well still is in my heart ) i wish for a happy healthy long life for both of you . Thank U and have the Best day Ever and i hope to be able to listen to the song perhaps latter. Thank U 4 sharing with us. L4L

  5. teiemka

    I don’t know Andre or his mother, but thanks for letting “those kids” play musical instruments in your basement and keeping them off the the streets.

  6. Suzy Six

    VERY nice, Andre! This is beautiful man! Lots of love in it. Heart and soul. That’s what it’s all about! Real music by real musicians! MORE!

  7. KcO0L's CHOCOLATEBOX (@ChocolateBox777)

    Andre is so cool…He has no hang ups whatsoever. Very down to earth brotha…

    Luv the track….

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