New PRINCE Demo “Da Bourgeoisie” FREE Download! Listen Now!!!

PRINCE has released a new demo entitled “Da Bourgeoisie” and like last month’s “The Sweeter She Is” live rehearsal track, it was given to a Twitter follower to get out! Around 1:41 A.M., 3RDEYEGIRL (Prince’s official Twitter account) asked “Who wants to deliver this stolen Prince demo to the needy?” Hmm. To instead of 2. […]

Andre Cymone Releases New Song “My Best Friend”, Dedicated To His Mother

Andre Cymone has released a new single entitled “My Best Friend” which he has dedicated to his mother, Bernadette Anderson. Andre sent me this message to share: “Today is my mothers birthday and I wanted to do something for her. It’s just a demo but today felt like the right day.” I caught up with […]

PRINCE Releases New Song “Boyfriend” (Demo) For Download!

PRINCE has just released “Boyfriend” (Demo) for download on for 88 cents! The song appeared on the site earlier today only to be taken down. We can only guess that it wasn’t ready yet….or that the “Boyfriend” in question was over and had to hide somewhere until he was gone. So download it at […]

Britney Spears Demo “Look Who’s Talking Now” Leaks! Listen Now!

Britney Spears Photo:

A Britney Spears demo from 2003 has leaked. The song is called “Look Who’s Talking Now” and I am told it features a Korean artist named BoA. It is quite a funky track, especially for being released in 2003.  Digging it big time. Check out “Look Who’s Talking Now” below and let me know what […]

Chris Brown’s Label Says “Smash” Song Is Old

Damage control or actually smash control  for a bad business decision?  Chris Brown’s label says the song “Smash” is old and is a demo. You know what?  I don’t care.  Is this guy really gonna make a comeback?-Dr.FB