PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl Back At Paisley Park! “Even Flow”

Prince 3rd Eye Girl

Prince & 3rdEyeGirl are back at Paisley Park and are getting ready for The Myth this Saturday!

Not relying on the RAVE reviews 3rdEyeGirl got on LIVE OUT LOUD tour, PRINCE sent them a message early Tuesday morning; To arrange an INSTRUMENTAL version of the Peal Jam Classic "Even Flow". (um...WOW!)

Sure to be a staple in their NEXT run of shows, this version features a guitar duel between Donna and PRINCE that morphs into Aretha Franklin's version of "Rock Steady" before reprising the end vamp of "Even Flow".

Our spies have been lurking around the Park and HOPEFULLY, we will have a snippet to share before this Saturday when PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl storm the stage at The Myth! (This. Would. Be. Awesome!)

There have been rumors circulating that the scheduled 2 shows might be combined into one LONG 3-4 hour JAM! PRINCE has a LOT of musician friends in Minneapolis so let's keep our PLECTRUM's crossed.

For now, it is still listing 2 shows:

Show one tickets

Show two tickets

Stay tuned!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Sorry...everything after "Even Flow" is a blur!

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  1. ALL I can say is this going 2 B MEGA PURPLE ROCK and R&B! This brings back so many memories 4 me. Now 2 see Prince put his PURPLE SPIN on it is going 2 B a trip Transitioning from Even Flow N 2 Rock Steady before vamping OUT back N 2 Even Flow WOW! going 2 B MEGA!! . ;) <3

  2. Possible 4 hr jam?! Knees get weak thinking about that. I’ma have to buy me a ticket for the early show now, aren’t I?

  3. Bobby Z will be playing Purple Rain with Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL tomorrow at The Myth!!!

  4. wow, the greatest band alive, too cool! P could learn from them, the way they deal with fans (Ten club) is amazing. love to hear this, youth sentiment the Ten album.

  5. WOW, what a great song choice! I love “Even Flow” and I am sure it will sound absolutely amazing played by Prince and 3rd Eye Girl. Guitar duel? – OMG! Need to hear this!!! Thanks for the news, Doc, and for working on giving us a chance to hear this. ;)

  6. Very, very, very cool if Prince is combining the two shows into one. It’s about time. That way he and 3rd Eye Girl can stretch out and play lots more songs without rushing. As for the Pearl Jam/Aretha covers, it doesn’t make me happy. Covers are for artists who lack originality, creativity and drive. All things Prince is in abundance of. He bores me with his covers of other artists classics in studio and live.l

  7. So excited I decided to do the 8 hour drive to Minneapolis, and right now, I don’t even care how much I paid for my ticket, because I know it’s going to be worth it! Thanks for the post Dr. Funkenberry!

  8. omgoodness, if this song comes close to FixUrLifeUp, its going to be killer and I have no doubt it will…folks in Minneapolis getting ready to have an EXPERIENCE of the highest order.

  9. Man I wish I lived in Minneapolis! Perfect song for Prince and 3rd Eye Girl :)

  10. Anybody have plane tickets they want to give away?

  11. Sounds cool! so glad he is showing his many sides for those who don’t know

  12. “Even Fro”


  13. Can we re-name it ‘Even Fro’? It’s sure to be outstanding no matter what they call it.

  14. Love me some Even Flow. I’m jealous!


  15. wow. :) Always loved Ten.. great album!!! :)

  16. Hannah posted this vid of Even Flow on her FB and I told her she had good taste. This is a great choice for a cover and I can hear Prince and 3rd Eye Girl doing this. :)

  17. That soul train line was too funny. Got to love the originality though

  18. Great cover choice , “even flow” is great !

  19. Sounds like a plan……Can’t wait 2 hear the results…

  20. Thank you, will be waiting. Sounds like I will be a smashing song when they are done with it.

  21. Wow wish I was heading to mini

  22. I leave for Minnesota on Saturday morning! I currently have a ticket for the late show… I wouldn’t be opposed to a 3 hour jam instead of two separate shows!!! Sounds great if it’s true.

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