PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Getting Set for UK Rehearsals & More At Paisley Park!


Just got this tidbit of info sent our way:

3RDEYEGIRL arrived yesterday at Paisley Park and the 1st full rehearsal for the UK shows and more is scheduled for Saturday afternoon!

Local funk band M.P.L.S. (#MPLS) will be jamming at the sound stage of Paisley Park After Dark Saturday night for $30.00. PRINCE and 3RDEYEGIRL will be in attendance and after will be playing NEW music and partying!-DocFB

Diagnosis: There is a lot to be thankful for in 2014.  From the new music, the NEW GIRL takeover, the London HIT AND RUN takeover, the Arsenio takeover, magazine covers (Mojo and the New Essence mag you gotta pick up), Liv Warfield's The Unexpected, the announcement of NPG MUSIC PUBLISHING, the annoucement of new music to be released on Warner Bros. plus the remasters of his Warner Bros. catalog including the 30th anniversary of "Purple Rain" this year and owning ALL of the WB masters, plus even more projects are in the works! 2014 is shaping up to be a brand new chapter in already epic career! We are not even at the half way point yet!



Paisley Park After Dark Design By LV

Ain't nothing like a purple party because a purple party don't stop! This weekend, Friday March 28th & Saturday March 29th, PRINCE's PAISLEY PARK Studios are being open to the public for a party club atmosphere like no place else from 9 P.M. til 2 A.M.

Last weekend kicked off Paisley Park After Dark as Kirk Johnson's live band played, footage of 3RDEYEGIRL from Montreux was shown and DJ's FundRaiser and Lenka Paris were in the mix.

The flyer was made by LV.

As for this weekend, there will be live music and other goodies as well, plus, since it is Paisley Park, you never know who might show up or what might happen.

The cover is $30 and there will be shuttle service provided this time.


Don't forget to watch the latest PRINCE Spreecast as we will have more info on Paisley Park After Dark and other purple news! Marcus Anderson's new album "Style Meets Substance" is available on iTunes and Amazon.-DocFB


#AXSLIVE: PRINCE Wins The Weekend With Pajama Party!

AXS Live PRINCE Wins The Weekend

Who won the weekend? Was it Kanye opening up his tour this weekend? Was it Drake? Nope! According to AXS Live, PRINCE and 3RDEYEGIRL won the weekend with the Pajama Dance Party aka "The Breakfast Experience" at Paisley Park!

AXS Live played the "Let's Go Crazy Reloaded" video clip with the story and was nice to see on my TV to be honest.

They made sure to mention that pancakes were served and Ryan was impressed that Dave Chappelle wasn't lying about getting pancakes if you go to PRINCE's house!-DocFB

Diagnosis: AXS LIVE, Ryan Stout, and Marc Cuban, care to come to the Park and play? U know who to contact.....


PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Throw Ultimate Pajama Party & Serve Pancakes Too!


PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL threw the ultimate pajama party at Paisley Park this morning complete with TWO performances, "The Breakfast Experience" remixes, the "Breakfast Can Wait" video AND...yes...pancakes were indeed served!

The night started as a dance party and then Dani Curiel came out to talk about the video "Breakfast Can Wait" with the choreographers in attendance with her as well. The video was played along with the behind the scenes video that was shown after like it was at Monday's party in Hollywood. They did play at least 4 remixes from "The Breakfast Experience" remixed by Joshua Welton.

The pancakes were being sold for $1.00

Then 3RDEYEGIRL took the stage with this musician named PRINCE. You guys hear of him?

For both shows set lists and more, click here!!!!


!!! 3RDEYEGIRL Pajama Dance Party This Saturday At Paisley Park!!!!


Something is going down at Paisley Park this Saturday as the 3RDEYEGIRL Twitter account announced early Wednesday Morning!

hUNGRy???? THE BREAKFAST EXPERIENCE Pajama Dance Party This Saturday at PAISLEY PARK Saturday October 19th!

Doors At 2 A.M.(!!!!!!) NOTE: The band is saying FRIDAY night into SATURDAY morning.

Donation $50.00


Dress 2 IMPRESS Keep It CLASSY!!!!

This sounds like it is going to be fun.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Contrary to rumor, THE BREAKFAST EXPERIENCE Will be released soon and the mixes are hot!


New Power Generation Livestreamed From Paisley Park! Share Your Reviews!

NPG Hornz Photo: Twitter.com/NPGHornz

The New Power Generation are Livestreaming from Paisley Park Tonight! For those that attended the show at Paisley Park, please share your reviews!

They have supplied a new link HERE.

UPDATE: The New Power Generation played "Days Of Wild" and a portion of "Big City" so far....was up for about 10 minutes 45 seconds.  Expect it to go lie again....

Update 2: "1999", "Diamonds & Pearls", "Old Friends 4 Sale", Prince jokes bout women, "People Pleaser" and "Ain't Gonna Miss U When Ure Gone"....

Update 3: People have left Paisley Park....show ended before 2 a.m.

Still running with the October Surprise theme we discussed on the Prince Spreecast....

If it appears to be over....-DocFB

Diagnosis: Giving U the funk face at home!


The New Power Generation Talks About Show At Paisley Park Tonight!

NPG Hornz Photo: Twitter.com/NPGHornz

The New Power Generation took to Fox 9 news in Minneapolis to talk about the show at Paisley Park tonight, Saturday October 5th.


Friend of the site Iris Perez interviewed Roy Agee, Liv Warfield, Adrian Crutchfield, and Marcus Anderson regarding the concert.

They also talked about the City Winery New York shows that took place in August.

A $50 donation will serve as the ticket to get in at 9 p.m.

Doors open at 9 with the concert scheduled to take place at 10 P.M.

There will be a shuttle to the Park from LifeTime Fitness in Chanhassen, Minnesota. That is scheduled to happen starting around 8:30 P.M.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Chanhassen, tonight you are the "Big City"....


oCtOBer sUrpRISE – The New Power Generation to Perform at Paisley Park This Saturday!

NPG Hornz Photo: Twitter.com/NPGHornz

The New Power Generation will be opening up the doors of Paisley Park This Saturday October 5th!

This news was broken by City Pages this morning.

For more on the price of the show and the show, click here!


Exclusive! PRINCE & The NPG Montreux Rehearsal At Paisley Park Report!

Paisley Rehearsal Image By LV

Early Saturday morning of July 7th, we get a text asking if we can be at Paisley Park around 3 P.M. for rehearsal. We say yes! Although we didn't arrive til 4:30 P.M., PRINCE & The NPG moved back rehearsal until 7 P.M. for us.

Joshua Welton picks us up from our hotel and sax player BK Jackson jumps in with us as we ride to Paisley Park. Josh says he is gonna drive slow since it is my first time driving with him. Later that night, when we were driving with his wife Hannah Ford-Welton, she asked if "I ever been in a race car before?" 2 different styles for sure!

So me, Joshua, and BK get to the Park and the band is on stage and they all wave to me as Elisa walks by to take her place on stage.

I look to my left and I see PRINCE and his hair behind me at the sound board. They then start to play.

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

This rehearsal is for one of their 3 Montreux Jazz Festival concerts so, if you do not wish to know set list, do not click or read below!!!

If you want to read the full rehearsal review with set list, click here...