Courtney Love Reaches Out To Amanda Bynes Only To Get Slammed!

Courtney Love Reaches Out To Amanda Bynes Only To Get Slammed!

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Courtney Love has had her share of trouble. Even having a fight with the doc. She reached out to Amanda Bynes only to get slammed by the “troubled” star. She isn’t retaliating at all.

Although Courtney deleted the tweet of “Amanda, pull it together dude”, she is being positive for Amanda.

Amanda responded by stating “Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. To be mentioned by her at all makes me and all my friends laugh!”. She deleted the tweet.

Bynes was arrested last week for pot possession and drug paraphernalia. There has been erratic behavior from the former actor who wants to turn rapper. She got into it with Rihanna over the weekend. Rihanna started it on Instagram but the media only saw Bynes responses on Twitter, and thought she started it. If they did their homework….Since then she has been denying the arrest, stating the cops sexually harassed her, and that they did not find a bong in her apartment.

Regardless of the slam by Bynes, Courtney is still reaching out to her and has Alyssa Milano getting involved now as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: #Compassion



  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:30h, 06 July

    Courtney is awesome, and if anyone knows what it’s like to fall apart in front of the whole world, she does. Good for her for taking the upper road.

  • xtianinmpls
    Posted at 23:12h, 30 May

    You hit the nail on the head!!
    Amanda Bynes is obviously having problems and for Courtney Love to reach out to her – even after AB called her “ugly”(wow?!) – is true COMPASSION.
    Courtney could have simply washed her hands of it, but stayed the course and reached out again. Just hoping Miss Bynes gets some help and lands on her feet. I personally like her movies, but she’s gotta make the next step toward recovery.

    By the way, how many child stars end up f$cked in the head? Don’t you think it’s time we keep kids at home, not in front of a camera…making money they don’t know how to spend.

  • MylesMatisse
    Posted at 14:12h, 29 May

    It’s right of Courtney to delete her tweet, “Amanda, pull it together dude”. Most people know that using the term DUDE to a woman isn’t the right one. And even though Wikipedia defines the term as follows: “Dude is an American English slang term for an individual. It typically applies to males, although the word can encompass all genders”, I still think the term is best when applied to men. Just some food for thought.

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