Surprise! Miley Cyrus Slams Sinead O’Conner; “Crazy Like Amanda Bynes!”

Miley Cyrus & Sinsead O'Conner Photo: HuffingtonPost.com/GettyImages.com

Should we really be surprised? Hours after Sinead O'Conner wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus about the ways of the music business, Miley took to Twitter to slam the 47 year-old Irish singer.

For the open letter Sinead wrote to Miley, click here.

Miley took snapshots of Sinead's Twitter feed talking about her needing meds and help and other things.

She even posted a photo of Sinead ripping a photo of the Pope on Saturday Night Live.

In case you haven't heard Miley is host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live this weekend.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will Miley rip a photo of O'Conner Saturday?


Courtney Love Reaches Out To Amanda Bynes Only To Get Slammed!

Amanda Bynes & Courtney Love Photo: Eonline.com

Courtney Love has had her share of trouble. Even having a fight with the doc. She reached out to Amanda Bynes only to get slammed by the "troubled" star. She isn't retaliating at all.

Although Courtney deleted the tweet of "Amanda, pull it together dude", she is being positive for Amanda.

Amanda responded by stating "Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. To be mentioned by her at all makes me and all my friends laugh!”. She deleted the tweet.

Bynes was arrested last week for pot possession and drug paraphernalia. There has been erratic behavior from the former actor who wants to turn rapper. She got into it with Rihanna over the weekend. Rihanna started it on Instagram but the media only saw Bynes responses on Twitter, and thought she started it. If they did their homework....Since then she has been denying the arrest, stating the cops sexually harassed her, and that they did not find a bong in her apartment.

Regardless of the slam by Bynes, Courtney is still reaching out to her and has Alyssa Milano getting involved now as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: #Compassion