New PRINCE Group KING Starts L.A. June Residency Tonight!

King Promo Flyer

KING, a music group that PRINCE co-manages, will be starting a June residency in Los Angeles tonight at the Bootleg Bar!

The Los Angeles based trio was discovered by PRINCE on the web after listening to Kings's "The Story" and they were invited by him to open for him during his 21 night at The Forum in Los Angeles back in 2011.

Moses Sumney will be opening up for KING.

Earlier this year, they held an industry event at The Sayers club which showed off their musical talents.

KING is twin sisters Paris and Amber Strother and Anita Bias.

So make sure to make it at 7 p.m. tonight and EVERY Monday in June for KING in Los Angeles.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Soul Sisters...and then some!

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  1. What’s interesting to me is why the trio from Minneapolis picked the name KING as KING was a successful band from the UK in the 80s. Hope KING can own the name KING. Although, the UK version of the band KING, even though they’re not together anymore, can call themselves King UK if they reunite.

  2. beautiful

  3. It would be VERY WISE for those King band members to be sure they have an agreement that THEY OWN the band name, that in 10, 20 years and for all perpetuity beyond the galaxy they CAN STILL USE THE BAND NAME ‘KING’.

  4. Awesome! Awesome Show! New artist Moses Sumney opened for them and he was just incredible with his sampler and guitar. NPG keyboardist Morris Hayes introduced KING and they put on one of the most moving and pitch perfect shows I’ve seen in a while. There was so much love and support in the room cheering to all of the songs from their EP and 2 new songs we were all hearing for the 1st time. Excellent! We all got to meet and greet them afterwards I recommend you don’t miss this month!

  5. Beautiful 🙂 I wish he knew that I could make him a King

  6. im gonna be there next monday!!!!BOOYA!!

  7. YES! YES! YES! YES! So GLAD! PRINCE got this RIGHT So HAPPIE! that my GURLS! King are getting there well deserve EXPOSER with their Residency at the Bootleg Bar Club N L.A.. GO HEAD KING Show them what U R WORRRKING WIT.

  8. That’s a really smooth groove!

  9. Absolutely beautiful song and sound.

  10. I discovered this group a while ago because of my hero Prince…I knew they had something to do with him but didn’t know that he helps to manage them. They have a really soulful, spiritual sound with an electronic edge and soothing voices…love them. Congrats to Prince for working with these GEMS. Bring them to DC…we love REAL music.

  11. That is fantastic news, I absolutely LOVE these ladies! The most Beautiful & Heavenly voices & harmonies. Thank U, Prince 4 getting these ladies the recognition they so abundantly deserve…”Long Live The KING” :-)!~<3

  12. I like that this song is not trying to be a “Prince” song. Simple electro track. Didnt even know about this group but will now see if I can find more songs by them. Prince is having a great year!

  13. I LOVE KING! These ladies are so gifted. I will definitely see them!!!

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