The Legendary Mavis Staples Performs On The Daily Show!

Justin Timberlake & Mavis Staples File Photo

Mavis Staples performed on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart with guest host John Oliver.

It is always a rarity when there is a music performance on the Daily Show, especially when it is a legend like Mavis. She was there performing material from "One True Vine" her new album.

Above she is playing "I Like The Things About Me" which is a web exclusive of TDS.

For Mavis's "Can You Get To That" Performance, click here and forward to her performance.-DocFB


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  1. I’ve always loved Mavis Staples & The Staples Singers.

    My grandparents would play them when I was a baby growing up.

    I too njoyed when Mavis teamed up with Prince..

    They made a song called “God Is Alive” that was very powerful..

    I wish that song(God Is alive) was on the radio with a video stream for 2days audience..

    I loved “Time Waits 4 No1”, & “Come Home”, as well, that whole album on Paisley Park was tough..

    Prince & Mavis Staples workin as a team was awesome!!!

    “Yo Mister” with Prince & Patti Labelle, was anotha good one.

    I could see Mavis & Patti in a sequel to “Purple Rain” as Prince’s mentoring aunts.

    That would be very cool, if it were very dramatic…

  2. So GREAT! to see and hear the AMAZING and OUTSTANDING Legendary Singer Mavis Staples just LOVE the new song and looking forward to the new album. YES! I had 2 do it They called me Melody Cool I was here long before you. Any 1 seen Graffiti Bridge.

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