The Daily Show Takes Jay Z To Task For Not Boycotting Barneys “Jay Z Penny Does Not Care About Black People”

Jay Z & John Stewart Photo: Rap-Up.com

Jay Z is under the microscope for his upcoming connection with Barneys after 2 black people were detained and under suspicion for their debit cards purchases at the high end store.

Jay Z Penny

One customer bought a $350 belt at Barneys with a debit card, and the charge went through mind you, but the Barney's employee called security on the customer.

Larry Wilmore is obviously joking when he says that "Jay Z does not care about black people", poking fun at Kanye West making that comment about former President George W. Bush.

Calling him Jay Z Penny was pretty funny.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will not breaking the deal with Barneys, will Jay Z lose street cred?-DocFB


Coolest Use Of A PRINCE Song Ever! The Daily Show!

Jon Stewart Photo: ComedyCentral.Com

"You can be the President, I rather be Jon Stewart!" the Daily Show With Jon Stewart used the song "Pope" by Prince for a segment on....you guessed it...the Pope.

Although they were trying to throw shade at the previous Pope, we wish the new Pope would actually enter events using that song.


Check out the clip above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Jon doing "Gagnum Style" to "Pope"....well...at least he didn't twerk.


Questlove Stops By The Daily Show To Talk “The Cosby Show”, Rollerskating With Prince, and “Mo’ Metta Blues”

Questlove Photo: USAToday.com

Amir "Questlove" Thompson stopped by the Daily Show to talk about his book "Mo' Metta Blues" and stories inside including "The Cosby Show"'s place in rap history, rollerskating with Prince, and more.

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The Legendary Mavis Staples Performs On The Daily Show!

Justin Timberlake & Mavis Staples File Photo

Mavis Staples performed on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart with guest host John Oliver.

It is always a rarity when there is a music performance on the Daily Show, especially when it is a legend like Mavis. She was there performing material from "One True Vine" her new album.

Above she is playing "I Like The Things About Me" which is a web exclusive of TDS.

For Mavis's "Can You Get To That" Performance, click here and forward to her performance.-DocFB



George Clinton Lands The Mothership On “The Daily Show”

George Clinton brought the mothership to The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.  It all started with talking about another Clinton, Bill.

They talked about how Hillary and Bill would fly to people's rescue.   Jon then asked how John Olliver was going to get out of Beijng and Oliver said he is leaving the best Clinton way, on the mother ship.

Lo and behold, Dr. Funkenstein himself, George Clinton appeared.  No more colorful hair but a very sharp suit.

If you thought politics were scary, do not pay attention to Oliver and Stewart trying to get down to "We Want The Funk" and we will try to give Oliver props for at least clapping on the 2 n 4.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  MotherFunking George Clinton Baby!!!


Comedian Lewis Black Looks At Media Coverage Of Whitney Houston’s Death

So we all heard the bad puns the media said covering Whitney Houston's death.  "She can no longer have the greatest love of all" or "she can longer say she will always love you" and we rolled our eyes. Lewis Black remembers and takes them to task.

We have missed "Back In Black" on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and it returned last night with a vengeance.

Going after Nancy Grace for assuming someone drowned Whitney when no one knew and other media people jumping to conclusions.

We know the media sensationalize everything and Whitney was no exception.  Check out Lewis Black setting them straight on it.-DocFB


Chelsea Handler Dominating Conan In New Ratings

Chelsea Handler/Conan O'Brien. Photo: Eonline.com
Chelsea Handler/Conan O'Brien. Photo: Eonline.com

Chelsea Handler/Conan O'Brien. Photo: Eonline.com

I think I am the only one not surprised by this.  Ratings for the 11 P.M. hour of cable were released and Chelsea Handler's "Chelsea Lately" show is beating the "Conan O'Brien" show soundly.

The ratings show Chelsea with over a 100,000 more viewers on a nightly basis than Conan.  For those at Conan watching the ratings, they did see Chelsea creeping up on them, but no changes were made. 

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