Adam Lambert Brings It To The Chateau Marmont!

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The soon-to-be “Glee” star Adam Lambert was spotted at Chateau Marmont earlier this week, soon after Lady Gaga was there herself.

We are not sure Adam talked with Gaga but he is a fan of “Applause” as he shared last night on Twitter.

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Here is hoping that “Glee” can do what his label couldn’t do with “Trespassing” and get him the exposure he deserves.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The thought of Adam singing covers doesn’t warm my heart the way people think it should. I rather he was able to do his own material. At least with “Glee” it could get things going again and get him back in the recording studio with different people behind him believing in him. How the label had Nile Rodgers on tracks a year before Daft Punk used him and did not release those songs as singles? Big mistake. Sigh. Huge.



  • modestychild
    Posted at 06:17h, 14 August

    Totally with you on this! Shady, the track which Adam co-wrote with Sam Sparro and which Nile Rodgers laid the guitar on would have been huge if it was released as a single off Trespassing. RCA must have overruled Adam’s decisions on the single releases. He was so excited about Shady and we also knew Adam wanted to release Cuckoo and Naked Love as singles right before the album dropped, he said so himself but in the end, neither of these tracks make it out as single releases.

  • Debbie a.k.a thareelqueenbee
    Posted at 20:44h, 13 August

    Adam can DO THIS, He’s got the pipes to do so. Glee is going 2 be AWESOME having Adam on there. I am so EXCITED! about this and I am soooooooooooo LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS! WAY 2 GO ADAM!!

  • Robin
    Posted at 10:09h, 13 August

    Glee, no doubt, will provide a platform that will let Adam’s stellar voice be heard by a new, wider audience and bring him scores of fans. While it’s true he can sing a cover like no other, Adam’s own songs, which convey a story he wants to tell, are truly outstanding, especially when performed live in concert. Credit for his collaboration with Nile Rodgers on “Shady” must go to Sam Sparro, whose tweet to Nile got the ball rolling – no label involvement in that smart move whatsoever. The more than evident lack of creative foresight or support by his former label is the stuff that dissertations are are made of, and thank goodness he’s now free from their constraints. Looking forward to a wonderfully creative and highly successful future for the amazing Mr. Lambert!

  • Sandi Shader
    Posted at 09:24h, 13 August

    Couldn’t agree with you more RedRoseQueen1!!! Mismanagement at it’s FINEST! But we all have faith in our man and his talent and will continue to stand behind, beside, in front, and wherever he needs us to stand and support him till the very end of time. Problem is, that’s not the only support he needs. He needs radio play. What can we do to get these DJ’s to play him??? Ask very, nicely cuz we Glamberts are nothing if not nice! (*snicker*) In all seriousness, I do hope the Glee gig will get people and Radio alike to notice this beautiful man and his magnificent music noticed! The world needs way more Adam Lambert!!! What else is there to say???

  • RedRoseQueen1
    Posted at 08:36h, 13 August

    *sigh* Indeed Dr! We KNEW something (besides Nile!) was truly “funked up” when “Shady” and “Trespassing” were passed over as singles releases for the more boring (imo) “Better Than I Know Myself” and “Never Close Our Eyes” which amazingly were still leagues ahead (vocally!) of any of the pop pablum on the BB charts. GAH!
    If I were Adam, I’d sue RCA for mismanagement. Luckily for them, I’m NOT him. He’s such a cupcake of niceness.Truly.
    In his case, I truly feel that the problem is twofold; his label was lousy and had no trust/confidence in him and radio PDs for whatever reason (we can speculate since they all loved the album when he was doing promo) didn’t give him the spins necessary to “create” a hit. Yes, I said “create” because if today’s pop music has taught us ANYTHING, it’s that any song with any kind of “hook” when played on radio ad nauseum, WILL be a “hit” because that is the way today’s culture works. We are told what to like and buy. It’s spoon-fed via corporate sponsorship. Here’s to hoping Lambert can bust through the BS because talent like his is extremely rare anymore…extremely.

  • Lynn
    Posted at 08:29h, 13 August

    Yes, huge mistake. Heads should roll over this, tbh

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