Listen Now To The Michael Jackson & Justin Bieber Track “Slave 2 The Rhythm”

Justin Bieber & Michael Jackson Photo: Hollywood-Treatment.Com

A track that Michael Jackson recorded before his passing in 2009, has leaked online with Justin Bieber added.. The track is entitled "Slave 2 The Rhythm" and no one is talking on how it got leaked.

It has been updated since it's recording making the beat a little bit faster.

To listen to the MJ & Bieber track, click here!!!

What do U think?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Interesting track I must say.....

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  1. The videos not working now!

  2. MJ and JB Never would have thought about this Collabo.

  3. An awesome song has just been raped. Surely this is a crime.

  4. This doesn’t sound like MJ at all. Voice is too deep. Sounds like an MJ imposter. Just sayin.

  5. torn, I am not really a fan of Justin B, but love MJ. What are your thoughts Dr. F?

  6. Did y’all hear about the new Bob Dylan song coming out? I hear Ke$ha is going to be on it!!! -_-

    that’s how ridiculous this is… I wish they would release the actual 1989 version of this song (not the leaked 2010 Tricky Stewart version) and certainly not putting someone else on the track, especially not justin bieber….

  7. I’d of preferred a decent copy of the original to leak or a tweaked version minus Justin Bieber.

  8. What?! The original MJ version was perfect, why is Justin Beiber singing it? This probably ruins any chance of the original being released!

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