Katy Perry Releases Video For “Roar” As It Knocks “Blurred Lines” From #1!

Katy Perry Roar Promo Image

Katy Perry released the video for "Roar" the same day the song hit number #1, knocking "Blurred Lines" from the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Roar" is Katy's 8th number one hit on Billboard.

She did not kill off images of herself like the preview clips lead us to believe. She is still the same playful Katy....minus the whipped cream shooters.-DocFB

Diagnosis: How can I not like a song that finally knocked "Blurred Lines" from the top spot? Come on now!

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  1. It’s a direct rip off of Dr Jones

    Junglescope? Aquascope.

    Indiana Jones font. Yep.

    Name of the song at the start? Yep.

    The End text at the end of the video? Yep.

    Heroine shreeking at the spiders? Yep.

    Guy with a cheesy grin dressed up as an explored? Check.

    Let’s be kind and call it a homage to the greatest Europop band of all time.

  2. Jana, Of The Jungle!!

    Katy Perry is fine!!!

    kool video..

  3. reminds me of Aqua – Dr Jones video

  4. Not entirely sure what part of the world that jungle is supposed to be in. That’s clearly an African Elephant (big ears), yet there is a Tiger in the video too (which is from Asia).

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