New Power Generation Livestreamed From Paisley Park! Share Your Reviews!

NPG Hornz Photo: Twitter.com/NPGHornz

The New Power Generation are Livestreaming from Paisley Park Tonight! For those that attended the show at Paisley Park, please share your reviews!

They have supplied a new link HERE.

UPDATE: The New Power Generation played "Days Of Wild" and a portion of "Big City" so far....was up for about 10 minutes 45 seconds.  Expect it to go lie again....

Update 2: "1999", "Diamonds & Pearls", "Old Friends 4 Sale", Prince jokes bout women, "People Pleaser" and "Ain't Gonna Miss U When Ure Gone"....

Update 3: People have left Paisley Park....show ended before 2 a.m.

Still running with the October Surprise theme we discussed on the Prince Spreecast....

If it appears to be over....-DocFB

Diagnosis: Giving U the funk face at home!

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  1. Yep, I totally missed it. I cam in at the the end and Livestream had gone off right after I had logged in. WOW! What a bummer.

  2. All I Know Is, I Was In The Middle Of Talking On The Phone W/ My BFF @ The Time I Got Notification That 3EG Was LIVE & My Friend Never Got The Chance 2 Finish Her Sentence…
    Was Such A Party, Almost Like A Celebration :D! Prince Was HOME & In His Element & Threw The Best House Party & His Euphoria Generated Thru Cyberspace & In2 OUR Space :). This Truly Lifts The Spirits Of Those Of Us Who Can’t Be In Attendance & I Can’t Help But Feel Gratitude 4 The Sheer Generosity When We R Allowed 2 Share In The Experience.
    The HARDEST Working Man…Shall We Dub Him MIDAS? B/c, Each Band He Touches Turns 2 Gold & I’ll Say It Again…ANNIHILATION…& All He Has 2 Do Is Stand There & SMILE ;). & The Band Heaps U Up With Such Sound & FORCE, It Fills Ur Soul 2 Capacity!
    Never Been There Physically But, Felt Christened, Nonetheless, 2 Be Allowed Inside Those Walls 2 His Kingdom & The Celebration, The BAND…POWER FANTASTIC~<3

  3. Good show. NPG were especially tight Sat night!
    But for God’s sake hire a concert promoter, not a bunch of friends and bouncers to run the show. We stood on line for over 4 hours in the rain(early on) and wet grass while we watched the shuttle buses drop late-comers off right in front of Paisley Park and go straight in to the venue- again and again. Most shuttle riders went in an hour before we did WTF?! As usual, not one security guard knew anything. Drove from Chi-town to Mpls for that bullshit? Not to mention no bathrooms or portable shitters. Every on line had to piss outdoors and my gf actually had to shit in the woods.
    Show was an 8/10. Preparation was bullshit at best.

  4. Uhg! I feel Baaddd! I’m missing out on all of de’ fun. I can never catch these Live Streams.. I’ve decided, I’m going to quit my job..

  5. I caught it. And it was A PARTY! Prince was in a great mood. Dancing like crazy. That NPG horn section is SIC!!! I wish they would show more. And archive the livestreams.

  6. What am I doing wrong? I tried to tune in and got nothin!

  7. “Con gusto a poco”

  8. Wow! Unbelievable! I missed it again but if it’s back up, I’ll try to catch it when I’m done here at work. Thank Doc!

  9. Um are these new members of the NPG or the old members or mixture of both?

  10. Thanks Doc! You know, whenever, I can see any livestream of a Prince and NPG performance; I consider myself to be very grateful and fortunate. Prince and the crew are in rare form and I really loved the setlist. I can’t wait to see Prince in Los Angeles…

  11. Hi Doc, I hope you are well.
    Thank you for the update. Sadly I missed it completely. My natural alarm clock let me down, but it’s good to hear that the Livestream is back. It’s great to hear Prince live at any time of day.

    Until the next time…

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