PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Throw Ultimate Pajama Party & Serve Pancakes Too!


PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL threw the ultimate pajama party at Paisley Park this morning complete with TWO performances, “The Breakfast Experience” remixes, the “Breakfast Can Wait” video AND…yes…pancakes were indeed served!

The night started as a dance party and then Dani Curiel came out to talk about the video “Breakfast Can Wait” with the choreographers in attendance with her as well. The video was played along with the behind the scenes video that was shown after like it was at Monday’s party in Hollywood. They did play at least 4 remixes from “The Breakfast Experience” remixed by Joshua Welton.

The pancakes were being sold for $1.00

Then 3RDEYEGIRL took the stage with this musician named PRINCE. You guys hear of him?

For both shows set lists and more, click here!!!!

The first set list featured these songs.

Set list show 1 (incomplete)

LGC Reloaded

Chaos and Disorder


She’s Always In My Hair

I Like It There

The Sweeter She Is (cover)

Purple Rain

Crimson and Clover (cover)

Plectrum Electrum




The Max


At the second show (Can you believe after last time, people did not stay again) PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL rocked the sampler set.

“Shockadelica” was played and during several songs was saying purring “Number ones) while playing “Alphabet St.” & “I Would Die 4 U” along with others according to Sara S. on our Facebook Fan Page.

Twitter blew up about the show instantly!


We hear the show was filmed but not sure if that matters….yet.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Sounds like an amazing, amazing time!

P.S. if you were at show, and can fill in the set list and share your experience, please do!




  1. ChiTownJill

    Just a SUPERB night in the history of music! Prince with 3rdEyeGirl prove again that they r the hardiest working band, EVER!!!

  2. Twinkly1

    Thank you Doc for posting these snippets ~ so that’s what rockin out in the wee hours of the morning looks and sounds like! One nation under a groove, getting down just for the funk of it!

  3. SugarL

    Any1 Else Have BREAKFAST 4 Dinner This Evening?? & YES, PANCAKES….Butta MYYLLLK ;). Was Thinking There Could Possibly B Another Livestream But, I Probably Would’ve Missed It. Was 2 Beautiful Last Night & Had 2 Be Out W/ My Pps & Glad It Was A Beautiful Night Had By All @ The Park, As Well :). Thank U So Much Prince, 4 Giving Us A Taste Of “The Breakfast Experience”…YUMMY! & Thank U, Doc, 4 The Menu! Always Luvin’ & Appreciating What U Do~<3

  4. Chocolatsis65

    Adventurous wonderful night of SELF discovery! Driving home listening to Mazzy Star into Cocteutwins into Schizophrenic psycho yeah maybeimtheone. I do so regret the writing my of skunky stories, yet soil and the various kinds is very telling. Keep working out your own salvation with…

  5. HeatherLane

    I love it!!   Prince once said that Minnesota is so cold it keeps all the bad people out, which means I should be able to survive living there!  (If I can afford the heating bill.)
    Might be leaving Costa Rica so I can be closer to Paisley Park!

  6. DanWoods

    Wow. What a Get Down! Pancakes, 2 sets (including Shockadelica, Chaos & Sweeter She Is !) , Breakfast Can Wait video, Breakfast Can Wait Remixes, Dancing- all that and this took place at Paisley Park ? #dontgetnobetta

  7. DanWoods

    Wow. What a Get Down! Pancakes, 2 sets (including Shockadelia,Chaos & Sweeter She Is !) , Breakfast Can Wait video, Breakfast Can Wait Remixes, Dancing- all that and this took place at Paisley Park ? #dontgetnobetta

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