Slammin’! Ida Nielsen of 3RDEYEGIRL Shows Us Her Bass Skills!


In case you have been living under a rock, Ida Nielsen is the bassist for the New Power Generation (NPG) and 3RDEYEGIRL, bands for the icon PRINCE.

Recently, Ida showed us why we call her Eata Bass as she plays the BG250-208 from TC Electronic.

"Ida is great when she plays bass for the NPG.  She FLOURISHES when she plays with the girls (3RDEYEGIRL). She is just amazing."-PRINCE


Diagnosis: Ida is a bad mutha....what? I'm just talking about Ida!

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  1. In the words of randy jackson:
    “It was just aight for me man”

  2. Ida’s Givjn’ Those Slaps That Make Ya Feel GUUUD!~<3

  3. I love both rhonda and ida……they R really the best 4 prince on da BASS……
    Prince rocks still now…..


  4. Ida is too FUNKEE!

  5. She Can Funk!!

  6. UhMazing indeed… you go gurl! (smile)

  7. I really like Ida playing bass for Prince about the best. She’s awesome. Not many girl bass players. Wish there were lots more. 🙂

  8. She is pretty awesome! They all are, wow!

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