Photo Of The Moment: DrFunkenberry & Lenny Kravitz

DrFunkenberry & Lenny Kravitz

The photo of the moment is of DrFunkenberry and Lenny Kravitz from the "What Do You Worship" event last week in L.A.

Lenny is in full swing promoting the "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" movie but we had time to talk about the music industry and with veteran acts struggling album sales due to iTunes and social media and Steve Jobs place in all that.

Lenny is excited about upcoming music which should be set for release sometime in 2014.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I can't say much at this time but you know we are always rooting for LK.

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  1. Is there a picture of Dr. Funkenberry with Prince during Dr.’s time at Paisley Park like this laid back, cool and relaxed one with Lenny Kravitz? If there ain’t I bet it’s cause Prince ain’t as laid back, cool and relaxed like Lenny to allow a photo op. That’s my bet.

  2. Awesome pic!

  3. Dude, is it always super bright everywhere you go?

  4. Absolutely love Lenny Kravitz!!!
    Seen him live many times and he just gets better every time !!

  5. Silly trick. I am not Dave Ford and not even close to Lenny or Dave in age. Please get facts straight silly troll. :)

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