PRINCE To Headline The 20th Anniversary Essence Festival In 2014!

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL Tour Opener - Vancouver Photo: Kevin Mazur

Essence has announced that PRINCE will be performing at their 20th Anniversary festival 4th of July Weekend in New Orleans in 2014!

In an official statement Essence had this to say about PRINCE headlining the festival:

To honor this momentous occasion, ESSENCE will partner with the legendary singer/songwriter for a special community initiative led by the Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund, which encourages young people to harness the power of media and technology, and channel their creativity into computer coding.

"Welcoming an artist as iconic as Prince back to the ESSENCE Festival for a 20th anniversary performance is incredibly exciting," said ESSENCE Communications President, Michelle Ebanks. "The ESSENCE Festival is where we come together to connect to both our culture and our community, so we are pleased to support Prince and the Rebuild the Dream Innovation in advocating for our youth."

"Rebuild The Dream" is run by Van Jones and Prince has worked with "Rebuild The Dream" most recently for his "Welcome 2 Chicago" tour of 2012.

For tickets to the Essence Festival, click here!

Ticket packages for the entire festival range from $130.50 to $2,700.

SINGLE NIGHT tickets will be available closer to the Festival's weekend.

Make sure to check out Essence.com for some more purple stuff!-DocFB

Diagnosis: N'awlins was rocking in 2004 when PRINCE took the stage for the festival then.  Prince provides his own fireworks as you will see July 4th, 2014!!!

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  1. yes chocolatebox

  2. I heard about this from the Steve Harvey Morning Show and almost lost my mind!!! Kudos to Prince and Essence!!!!

  3. thanks for sharing the news Prince will be amazing wish I could go hope he does some shows in Atlanta

  4. Wow! It is real great that there is already something big like this announced for 2014! 😀

  5. I really hope that means some southern dates are going to be announced along with it.

  6. I reeeeally wanna go! I was born in Gretna and have never been as an adult hmmmm mmm m

  7. This will coincide with the  number#1 movie soundtrack of all time 30th anniversary of “Purple Rain”!!!!

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