Watch Now! PRINCE & THE NPG! “Sweeter”,”So Dark” & “Cause & Effect” Live!

PRINCE Photo: Kevin Mazur/

The astral plane may have landed and with it dropped a few lyrics from what we believe is a new song and 3 new live clips previously unshared.

The first was tweeted out by Liv Warfield of “The Sweeter She Is” from the Mohegan shows in December. The second video was tweeted out by Danielle Curiel. The 3rd video was tweeted out by 3RDEYEGIRL.

For both video clips and more on this story, click here!

Liv Warfield is a member of the NPG and is on the rise with her upcoming album “The Unexpected” due out shortly! Her clip was from the Mohegan shows in December.

Danielle Curiel directed the Prince video “Breakfast Can Wait” late last year. Her clip was from the October show at Paisley Park.

3RDEYEGIRL is the official Twitter account of 3RDEYEGIRL and…..Their clip was from Lisbon last summer.

There are still rumors of a PRINCE UK Tour which some were hoping would be confirmed on 1/7/14, they may have to wait a little longer.

On the last PRINCE Spreecast, we had a feeling not too much would happen on 1/7/14 but more than likely around the “New Girl” Super Bowl episode which will be on Fox Feb. 2nd, 2014.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Love4….oneanother….

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  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 21:01h, 16 January

    Prince just never stops. He’s the kind of artist all others should look to as far as productivity, energy, how to tour non-stop, putting on a stellar live show everytime and getting the best musicians to back him. And, even though his afro took time to grow on me and still hasn’t to a few people close to me, I’m down with ANY look Prince throws our way because he’s always been full of surprises and never ceases to amaze. And, even though Chocolatsis65 doesn’t like Myles Matisse…I still like her…and I don’t even know her, nor does she me. It’s probably never good to judge one for mere words as they are all personal opinion and in America, we’ve all got a right to see things how we see fit as long as it’s done without vulgarity, crudeness, evilness. Is Prince perfect? No. If you dig deep, he’s made missteps as we all have. Is Prince hopefully always striving to be a better musician, a better man and to push the bounderies? Yes. Just like I am in my own personal life. Am I open to criticism and/or praise? Yes. Just like I’m sure Prince is. Is Prince my favorite musician on the planet? Yes. 

    My hope in 2014 is that Prince continues to tour, releases a full album of new material, releases a Crystal Ball 2 multi-CD set of more unreleases music and releases a multiple DVD music video compilation, similar to Michael Jackson’s 3 DVD release “Visions”. Oh, and reunites sometime this year with The Revolution to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Purple Rain, the film, album and tour.

  • Chocolatsis65
    Posted at 10:17h, 09 January

    I do not like Myles Matisse

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 02:46h, 09 January

    I have to say and whether you call this throwing shade or not is up to you…this is the absolute worst Prince has ever looked to me. His arm bands, those space age shoulder pads and ESPECIALLY his awful looking afro make me sad. Someone close to me who’s followed Prince for over 20 years also thinks it’s a horrible look for Prince and even is pretty much sure that the reason Prince is fro’ing it these days with the hair is because he’s going bald underneath and it’s a wig of sorts. Whatever the case, it’s a God awful look. I’m stunned that Prince isn’t looking as cool as he up til the last couple years has always prided himself in being.

  • SugarL
    Posted at 18:11h, 08 January

    Awesome Shares…THANX 2 ALL! Snippets Of Things 2 Come ;)????
    & 2 The Ladies In “Sweeter…”…Now, That’s Sum CHURCH!~<3

  • MoonPool
    Posted at 12:00h, 08 January

    Right Back Ur!

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