New PRINCE “New Girl” Promo Clip! Watch Now!

Zooey Deschanel, Prince, Jake Johnson, Photo: FoxTV.com

In case you have been living under a rock, purple or otherwise, you know that PRINCE will be appearing as himself on the "Super Bowl" episode of "New Girl" Sunday Feb. 2nd, a story that DrFunkenberry.com broke. A new promo clip has surfaced.

I like this clip a little bit more than with Nick and Jess losing their shizz seeing the music icon for the first time.

UPDATE: Will wait for FOX to post the copyrighted clip themselves.  Expect it shortly.  Thanks everyone for your support. 

It is almost here.-DocFB

For another pic from Prince on the New Girl set, click here!!

Diagnosis: We can't tell who will win the game, but we have a feeling in the end, PRINCE will be the big winner after Super Bowl Sunday.

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  1. Love the fro! love that he’s showing his funny bone! love the title PlectrumElectrum! Wish I woulda stayed that night, oh well wish u heaven (on earth of course) brother.

  2. this is news? 14 seconds of two idiots screaming?

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