The Breakdown

In just a little over 12 hours since Warner Bros. announced PRINCE striking a deal for remastered editions of former albums and a new album on the way, a new single was released through Warner Bros. entitled “The Breakdown”.

It was officially released and can be purchased on iTunes Friday night April 18th in the U.S. Right now, that is where it can be purchased.

The Breakdown Single Cover

The song (studio version) was first played at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis, MN in early 2013 and Prince played it with his band 3RDEYEGIRL on select Live Out Loud tour dates in 2013.

When Prince was on Arsenio Hall last month, Prince was asked what his favorite song is/was and he said “The Breakdown” and now…you can hear it for yourself!-DocFB

Diagnosis: The copyright in this sound recording is owned by NPG Records under exclusive license to Warner Bros. Records, Inc.

Don’t forget to join us for the PRINCE Spreecast this Wednesday April 23rd! Gonna be a hot one!!!




  1. CalvinGregory1

    I agree with the comment that UTCM looked beautiful in black and white. It fit the flavor of the film and the homage to the movies of the 30s and 40s. The soundtrack almost seems anachronistic, but the movie has a sense of a faux time period. Meaning it seems to be older though it’s modern those types of a movie tend to feel more timeless than dated as time goes on. As for the breakdown, I think it’s great. Wish Amazon would have gotten it sooner as I hate iTunes lol. but I still love the song. I know someone questions the fact it was a ballad but no matter what song was released not everyone would have been happy. It’s hard to live up to fan’s wish fulfillment. We just need to be patient and enjoy it as it comes. I still believe Prince should set up his own version of iTunes and just have songs from his vault. and let us buy them in the order and quantity that we wish. of course I’m sure everyone who is like me (a true fan/fam) will buy it all. A so-so Prince song still rocks and still has more emotional heft than some of the “best” that’s out there today that has the nerve to call itself music.

  2. RadioDazed

    ”Ballad” schmallad. ”I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” was a nice ‘comeback’ song for Michael Jackson. When Prince explores his full vocal range(or emotional range) within a song, it sounds honest, sincere, and, compelling. As long as he puts those elements into all of his efforts, be they ballads, funk, rock and roll, jazz, or other, they’ll be great.

  3. SugarL

    Gr8 Spreecast 2nite, Doc! Just Missed JEROME!! Will Have 2 Catch-Up Another TIME ;). Loved Darling Nik’s Interview, She’s A Fantastic Humble Spirit Wrapped In An Airtight Package Of FUNK W/ An Xtra Courtesy Gift Of “STANKFACE” Added Just 4 Purchasing! Also LOVED Hearing That My Gurl ANDY Is Also ALL OVER The Album, As Well! Just Gr8 News All Around, Thanx Again!
    Btw, “The Breakdown” Is Another Favorite 2 Listen 2 During A Meteor Shower ;)~<3

  4. Chocolatsis65

    I absolutely love the phrasing of the down’s thats what makes it! People is so crazy critical i don’t get it

  5. A friend of mine who’s worked in record stores for 20 years and has tons of music experience thought Prince releasing a BALLAD for his FIRST release back with Warners was a disappointing choice. Everybody’s got an opinion on the matter.

    Someone else close to me didn’t really like the “storytelling” style of Prince’s lyrics and delivery and didn’t like the whole “Down…Down…Down” part to the hook. 

    Me personally? I think the song is good although like the best sex that ends way too soon, the song is about two minutes too short. It’s like listening to a radio edit of say Prince’s earlier classics like “Another Lonely Christmas” and “Eye Hate U”.  The full length versions add so much more to the journey, romance, heartache and song. For a radio edit though, “The Breakdown” is quite moving.

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  11. ChocolateBox777

    Groundbreaking!!! All Prince needs 2 do 2 take over the world again is decide he wants 2!!!!!!

  12. ClaudiaBedwell

    I got The Breakdown shortly after it was put on iTunes. I like it. 
    Prince made a smart move with the publishing company.

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