Want To Book Your Favorite Band? PRINCE Tops List At $2 Million!

PRINCE-Paris Photo: NPG RECORDS 2014

A few weeks ago, a certain celebrity web site was reporting that Lana Del Rey was paid $2 million dollars to perform 3 songs at Kanye West’s wedding. I cried BS from the start as it would throw off how much artists are paid for private events like that. It would mean everyone who would perform at private events and charge would have to raise their rates if she was paid that much.

Lana publicly stated she performed for FREE and was not paid $2 million. Since her denial, there have been several articles released about “How Much It Costs To Book Your Favorite Band” and it is no surprise who tops the list.

The first list came a few weeks ago by The Huffington Post but it seemed to be incomplete and outdated.  (Note: since the original article was published, Dengy has removed certain artists off the list that were listed before at surprisingly low amounts.) No way could you get One Direction for $150,000. Also according to their list provided by Degy Entertainment, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, James Taylor, Dave Matthews, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi all commanded over $750,000 per performance.

In a more updated list provided by Business Insider, there was one person who commanded more than any other artist:


Yes, to book the greatest live performer of all time, it will cost you $1.5 million to $2 million dollars. No word if that is for a few songs to be performed or for an entire show.  This list is updated daily and requests can be made HERE.

Aerosmith, Arcade Fire, Bruno Mars, Billy Joel, Jay-Z, Rod Stewart, Miley Cyrus, and Pink all command $1 million to 1.5 million for events. Adele, Eminem, Carlos Santana, Mariah Carey, Michael Buble, Pink Floyd, and Sting all command just under a million.

All of the artists listed in this article charge more for events outside the U.S.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Prince, who just completed a successful European Tour, is scheduled to perform next at The Essence Festival on the 4th of July. There will be fireworks galore from Prince & his band alone that night.



  • Anonymous
    Posted at 02:23h, 04 May

    Prince has the most talented music and dance.hes worth a lot more than any entertainment

  • MarkusBonten
    Posted at 00:01h, 13 June

    When will come out the new album no word of it….

  • ComeBackNikki
    Posted at 09:30h, 12 June

    Worth every penny!

  • ChiTownGen
    Posted at 19:13h, 11 June

    If I had 2 MIL to spare, I’d book Prince in a heartbeat! He’s be worth every penny of it!

  • RadioDazed
    Posted at 16:15h, 11 June

    $2 million to have Prince perform live is a fair price for the highest level of personal live entertainment. My Prince party music is compact discs, DVDs, and an old cassette single. I hope Prince and Warner Brothers make a serious effort to get more Prince music on traditional radio. There should be more Prince music, and Prince videos available everywhere through traditional means and new technologies. Prince is the biggest underground superstar in history. He should remain private if he chooses, but his work should be more available in the time it is created. How can great art inspire if it is not shared?

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