D’Angelo Dominates Saturday Night Live & Social Media! Watch Performances Here!

D'Angelo Photo: SNL.com

D’Angelo made his return to TV in who knows how long with quite a performance on Saturday Night Live with his band The Vanguard and it took social media by storm as well.

Performing “Really Love” and “Charade” from his album “The Black Messiah” with Jesse Johnson backing him up along with John Blackwell on drums was nice to see. Kendra Foster‘s voice also blended with D’s.

“Charade” and D’Angelo’s look had a certain….purple look to it. His poses before his performance and a few other things. Nothing wrong with that but something I noticed as I like artists to make their own paths but it is what it is.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Social media doesn’t seem to mind as the songs along with D’Angelo have been trending since last night which is pretty remarkable on Super Bowl Sunday.



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  • Mackfoo
    Posted at 05:27h, 03 February

    Gr8 performance! Glad to see D doing his thing!
    As for the comparisons to P: definitely, without a doubt. P was (and is) compared to so many of the greats: Sly, James, Jimi, Stevie Ray, and as time goes on, he makes even more references to his influences: Chuck D, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, etc.
    Imo, it’s perfectly OK to like certain periods of Prince and not care so much for others.
    I thought Purple Rain was the Beginning and End, until I heard Rainbow Children, which I thought was his best work until Musicology, until I heard…. We all have different tastes. If P was still cranking out SOTT stuff after 20 years, we would have stopped listening 20 years ago. I LIKE the newer stuff more than the older. P has done something that is almost impossible to do, especially in today’s tech heavy and attention deficit world: remain relevant. Name one Black artist around from the 70’s
    on a bigger stage then P.
    As far as acting his age: P is making the music he wants to make. Why should he make grandpa music? And what kind of music IS appropriate for his age?

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 20:22h, 02 February

    d’angelo stunk. prince’s last 2 albums were his best since 1995. there is nothing wrong with prince & his age. i’m older & act younger. what do you want us to hide under a rock & die.

  • Immanuel6
    Posted at 18:13h, 02 February

    D’Angelo is back and he is so thankful!!!

  • j
    Posted at 11:11h, 01 February

    The guy, presently, is way more Sly Stone than Prince. Black Messiah is almost a complete modern day Sly record, some even calling it Riot Goin’ On 2.

    His Prince influence is obvious, but D (just like Prince) has took his influences and created a sound unique to himself….and if we are going to compare, it is far more Sly than Prince for D today.

    Lastly, Black Messiah is far more bold, mature and profound than most of Prince’s recent output since TRC. Plec was an immature farce of a rock record and AOA, at times, tried wayyy too hard to be “in”. The production was horrendous at times. Computer music.

    Prince needs to act his age….as Mr Bob Dylon has recently stated (and who is going to argue with him?) “acting younger than you are can hurt you”…..and it really is hurting Prince’s recent output (and image). I don’t know what the hell happened after the ONA era….that was musical evolution and maturity, then it went back to Rave standards….

  • Lisa
    Posted at 10:43h, 01 February


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