PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Take Over The White House & D.C. With Stevie Wonder!

PRINCE Photo: Karrah Kobus / NPG Records

PRINCE  & 3RDEYEGIRL performed a special concert at the White House on Saturday night along with a special appearance by Stevie Wonder before performing 2 sold out shows at the Warner Theater Sunday night where the late show featured Stevie Wonder as well.

Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL Photo: Karrah Kobus / NPG Records

The Sunday shows were announced earlier this week as part of Prince's #HITandRun Tour and the White House show was done on the hush hush. With the Secret Service in place as well as Prince's own no cell phone policy, if it wasn't for V.I.P's like Re.v Al Sharpton, Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Jon Bon Jovi, there may have been no details about his 2 hour show that featured Wonder on a version of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours". No word if Tipper Gore was there but there was a Housequake for sure at 1600 Penn!

As for Sunday's shows, The Washington Post gave 4 observations that are interesting.

In another article said that Prince may be the greatest to ever do what he does.

Judith Hill Photo: Karrah Kobus / NPG Records

Judith Hill also performed with Prince.

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LiV Warfield & PRINCE Photo: Karrah Kobus / NPG Records Prince sharing a soulful moment with LiV Warfield.

Hannah Welton Photo: Karrah Kobus / NPG RecordsHannah Welton on the drums getting some.

The overall feel of the shows over the weekend is Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL are untouchable live.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Where will the #HITandRUN tour go to next?

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  1. 2 Of The World’s Master’s Of Secrecy, The POTUS & Prince Coalition, & The PRESS Didn’t Even Know About The Gig, Until The Next Day! I Loooove How That Smells.~<3
    My Wildest Dreams Couldn't Surpass This Fantasy So, 2 ALL In Attendance…PROPS. I Ain't Mad @ U. U May Have A Hard Time Getting Ur Feet Unstuck From The Asphalt When U Walk 'Coz, I'm JELLY. But, I Ain't MAD @ U…
    All I Can Say Is, The White House Will NEVER Be The Same, Not Only Without The Obamas But, Now U Have Stevie & Prince Who Have Set The Bar VERY High As Far As Presence. THEY PAINTED IT.
    & Try As They Might, They Can Still Paint It WHITE But, These Colors Will 4Ever Bleed Thru.
    I May Not Have Been Able 2 Attend But, I'm OVER THE MOON That This Happened!
    Again PROPS, & Yes…LOVE ;-).~<3~<3~<3

  2. After I saw that Prince and Stevie Wonder performed at the White House, I wondered, “How’s come?” Duh! There was an upcoming show in D.C. on Sunday!! LoL

  3. Amazing show last night for the 11PM show, Doc. Untouchable is right. Still basking in the afterglow. Just disappointed I couldn’t pull off the daily double or better yet, the weekend triple. Tareq Salahi, I am not. But for a Prince concert, I would seriously consider it.

    Conclusion: If Prince is playing late, stay up late.

  4. Someone better check the roof of these 2 buildings.
    Security tighter than a Nun’s anus

  5. So John Blackwell and Stevie Wonder for the 11pm? No offense to Hannah but John is probably the best drummer I’ve ever seen pick up sticks.

  6. They sure are untouchable live!!! Best band on the planet! 🙂

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