New Music From PRINCE! “HARDROCKLOVER” Listen Now!!!


The one n funky PRINCE has released a new song entitled "HARDROCKLOVER" today. The announcement came via his twitter account (PRINCE3EG) and posted to Soundcloud.

The music icon sings and speaks in his lower voice speaking of his "HARDROCKLOVER" from a R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) dream and then seeing if he can make this woman scream.

A shout to Red Bull and Patron "Ain't No Rapper Trying To Be A Singer" reaps of shades of "Dead On It" from The Black Album from Prince along a light stab at Sade and Babyface over a blistering guitar solo that is either Prince or Donna Grantis getting it in from his band 3RDEYEGIRL.

Who says nothing good ever happens after midnight???!!

Prince promised new music was coming this summer and on the 1st of July, Prince has delivered in full force.-DocFB

Diagnosis: A Hot HARDROCK Summer....indeed!

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  1. I dig the song…very nice change of pace! I wanted to see the subject of that cover art…a pretty young lady! Who is she I wonder. Look at the negative of the image and you will see her bathed in a green filter.

  2. I know u don’t care what little ol chocolatsis thinks but, man this is the 1st one in awhile that I have to put on repeat. No offense meant babe this one’s just really cool.

  3. Funky Cut Just As The Purple Yoda Can Do Keep It Rockin Prince Looking Forward For New Album,I Wote You A Letter A Month Back Hope 2 Hear From U Soon )+>

  4. He still has it. I feel the urge to play Fishbone’s “Lemon Meringue” now. Love me some Prince! Hard rock girl here!

  5. He Hasn’t Lost His Way, He’s Just Building More Bridges ;-)~<3

  6. ……Just for this, I’m gonna try a red bull and patron………even though RED BULL has bull sperm and urine in it! …..WHO KNOWS, Maybe I’m missin out on sumn! I’LL TRY ANYTHING ONCE! YA GOT 2 LIVE! Here I go……

  7. raw , original and mysterious , the kind of prince track you need to listen over and over again to let it unveil its mysteries . my favorite kind of tracks from the Man

  8. Not his worst. Not his best.

  9. Very cool hopefully he will put out a new album soon.I knew hadn’t lost it.

  10. It has its moments but def no commerical hit here. The intro cords
    remind me of an LL Cool J song…surely u know the 1
    I am thinking of. I like the vibe towards the end…..it has a Ghost7
    vibe. And the lite stab towards Sada and BF….how so? 2 me,
    It was more they r MIA in R&B…..

  11. Oh Lord! Prince is in another dimension again with this joint! OMG! Me likes!!!!

  12. Brilliant! Prince still amazes me to this day. I hope there will be a new album out soon to follow up on the already masterful Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum releases.

    Long Live PRINCE, the Revolution, The New Power Generation and 3rd Eye Girl!

  13. Funky, I’m guessin because it’s highly sexual, right?

    A true musician can make funky, non-sexual, clean music..

    Oh, I 4-got, it’s all about the $$$, that’s right..

    But I thought “Money Don’t Matter Tonight”?

    I guess it does, right…

    Well like daddy always told me:

    “That’s what u get 4 thinkin!,(slapped upside my head), boi pay attention!!!”

  14. I’m really loving this song alot hope to hear more releases this summer.

  15. once again, this genius somehow finds a way to come up with a NEW SOUND!!!

  16. yes.please.

  17. I love this new track very a nice new fresh sound…..
    I need more….
    I hope he will drop the new album out soon….
    Yeah Baby this summer will B purple…

    Peace and love 2 U DR and thank U Prince and 3EG…

  18. I love the music! I’m feelin that ! Reply All Day*:)!

  19. Raw, plugged in, yanked up & true to his roots.

    Love it, love it, love it

  20. Oh yeah. I like it. A lot.

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