New PRINCE Album “HITNRUN” To Be Released Via TIDAL On September 7th!

PRINCE HITNRUN Phase 1 Photo Tidal

PRINCE's new album HITNRUN will be released exclusively via Tidal on September 7th. The new album will feature HARDROCKLOVER which was released on July 1st.

3RDEYEGIRL recently went on BBC 6 radio and announced Prince had a new album entitled "HITNRUN" ready to go.

Prince had this to say about the Tidal deal:

"After one meeting, it was obvious that Jay Z and the team he has assembled at TIDAL recognize and applaud the effort that real musicians put in2 their craft 2 achieve the very best they can at this pivotal time in the music industry. Secondly, TIDAL have honored Us with a non-restrictive arrangement that once again allows Us to continue making art in the fashion We've grown accustomed 2 and We're Extremely grateful 4 their generous support. And lastly, in the tech-savvy, real-time world We all live in 2day, everything is faster. From its conception and that one & only meeting, HITNRUN took about 90 days 2 prepare its release. If that's what freedom feels like, HITNRUN is what it sounds like."

Jay Z chimed in as well on the deal with Prince:

"Prince has always been a visionary, a free-thinker. We're honored to offer his breadth of work, "1999," "Purple Rain," etc., music that has inspired so many, on TIDAL. We're also excited to be the home for his new upcoming album, HITNRUN. Both Prince and TIDAL share the belief that all creatives should have the opportunity to speak directly to those that love and support them. This partnership with Prince represents TIDAL's philosophy in its truest form, a 1 to 1 connection and direct delivery of artistry to the world."

Other songs to be included on "HITNRUN" will be a different version of "This Could Be Us" which was released on "Art Official Age" last year, as well as vault song "1000 Hugs & Kisses". No word if "STARE" which was released through Spotify last week will be on the album.

Earlier this year, Prince released songs via Live Nation such as "X's Face" and "What if", a Christian cover song. No word if those songs will appear on "HITNRUN" or another project down the road.

We will keep U updated if we hear anything more.-DocFB

Diagnosis: September 7th is gonna be a FUNKY Monday for sure! Phase 1....

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  1. U know, I am starting 2 really wonder about Prince. This comment may be deleted, but I will say this anyway: when Prince came out with the name 3rdEyeGirl, I was like “Ohhhkay”, like, what’s up with that? But I let that pass. Then he started wearing those three – lensed glasses covering up a “3rd eye” and I got a bit more uncomfortable. But I let that pass. Now he signs to work with Jay-Z, someone who seems to court a great deal of talk about devil worshipping. And I don’t think I can let that slide. Prince is doing well, very well I would say, without “needing” to work with Jay-Z, so why do this now? The devil comes as an angel of light. I say this as a longtime Prince fan from waaaay back. I’ve always supported his music and his business moves, including his less popular albums and weird antics. I feel he is a musical genius, no doubt. But one thing has always puzzled me: how is it that he has so much power, not only in the music business but in the world of entertainment? How can he keep his photos out of ALL publications online and off, that don’t have his permission? How is it he still makes these deals when his sales are nowhere near where they used to be? How does he stay out of the tabloids when he is arguably one of the most unique and interesting (and one of the last great) world famous, superstar status black man in the world? People loved to talk about Michael and yet, Prince somehow controls his own press. How?

  2. I don’t really care about the medium, I just care that I will be able to download the songs somehow. But it’s got a whole bunch of people at hasbeen.org twisted, which I find greatly amusing and satisfying. That Prince is who Prince wants to be, and not the version of Prince that they can keep on puppet strings, their anguish over this sustains me.

  3. Why does the artwork above say Phase One? It there more than one album coming? Or is this phase one of the way he is releasing it?

  4. word has it, a hard-copy of the cd will b released. it was also pointed out the the song hardrocklover, is listed as an npg/warners release. so its possible warner will usher in the release.

  5. When Prince streamed the AOA release party online, there was a 3-4 piece jazz band called NPGQ, I believe. Could be totally wrong on name. Does anyone know anything about this group i.e., have they released any music, do they tour, do they have online presence? I thought they were a pretty good band. Also, saw YouTube video clip last night of string 10 piece laying down tracks at Paisley. Would be great to hear NPG Horns, orchestra AND 3rdEyeGirl do like a 12-15 minute free form jam. I’d buy that!

  6. You must be kidding, you won´t need Tidal to get the new album, within a week it’s all free on the web.

  7. @Kristi – i doubt it, but then again since tidal = jay z, it seems he can make all things happen in the music business these days. however it would make sense 4 them not too only cuz the overhead for streaming is less then the cost, packaging and distribution of a cd. surely sum1 will school me if it not the case.

  8. Hey Prince, but will there b a cd? for us old slackers who are not with the “times” u know we like to sit in our rocking chairs and listen to music the old fashioned way. We already had to mourn the loss of vinyl to the rise of cd’s. And why is streaming music still called an album anyway if there is nothing we can physically hold, look at, read liner notes etc… 🙂

  9. i don’t mind at all waiting until another avenue opens up, to where i can get to listen. if hitnrun is anything close to his last several cds…..i don’t want to hear a single note.

    i am way more excited about janet’s new cd anyways. i wonder why she have never tapped wendy & lisa for some help.

  10. Be nice if Prince starts doing music videos again like he used to…

    So’ em how it’s done…

    Sho yo dancing skills bro..

  11. Glad new music is coming definitely don’t need remasters of stuff I already own. I’ll qualify that with I will only pay for physical, I consider a digital only release a free courtesy copy.

  12. * in any version

  13. streaming services dont last forever. the one I was with thru my telco is closing this mth 🙁
    got an email from them suggesting apple music, which isnt available thru android atm.
    not getting burnt again.
    and if hardrocklover is any indication of this great new album im not rushing to sign up for it.

  14. The free Baltimore concert on Tidal had very poor sound quality and the volume was too low to enjoy to the fullest, it reminded me of a bootleg I had from a Doobie Brothers concert from ’77, all I could hear was some fat kid eating popcorn in the background. The only reason Prince is doing this is Jay Z has told him he will get a bigger piece of the pie, after Jay then Bey, Beys mom, Solange, Blue Ivy, than Prince will get his. His cut will be the same as it would with a record company.

  15. I’m out

  16. Looks like lots of people won’t be hearing Prince’s new album. How many subscribers does Tidal have? Why would anyone want to restrict their potential listeners by signing an exclusive agreement with an irrelevant streaming service? Then again, Prince was never a very good business man. Wake up!

  17. So, If He Says It’s Gonna Be Released In 1 Month But, My “ANTICIPATION Clock” Says It’s Gonna Be Released In 1 Day, Would That Be The Same As “Toe-MAY-Toe” “Toe-MAH-Toe” o-0?!~<3

  18. I’m a huge Prince fan, my fingers are crossed..

    can’t wait..

  19. just read this article that Doc shared on his twitter page, & the last 2 comments were peeps who went to an invite only at Paisley Park last night.

    Heard the album, said it’s the best album Prince has ever made, period.

    title is below, tried posting the link, not sure if went thru:

    Party Like it’s NABJ:
    Prince Invites Journalists to Paisley Park

  20. gone are the dayz of free radio listening..

    now it’s the fan who pay for artist royalties..

    thangs that make u say hmmm…

  21. Great News!!

  22. I want a physical copy of the new album. Not gonna do Tidal. If no physical release like a CD or vinyl, I’ll get his album from a friend. Not paying for any streaming service because I want to physically own the albums I buy.

  23. Usually, I would need a CD when a new Prince album comes out, but these days with this kinda horrible stupid cover (and the absence of booklet with lyrics and photos like AOA last year) I’m “glad” with a digital release.
    I pass on the “quality” of his new music: again Prince, PLEASE, give us (remaining fams) REMASTERS with upgraded sound & bonus (B-sides/outtakes/Live) of your masterpieces from 1978 to 1988… Thanks !

  24. Tidal is a streaming service right? So I need to pay $10/month (or is it $20?) to hear the album? No thanks.

  25. Listen, I will purchase and any album, CD, vinyl, etc. I just need it to be quick and easy. Will I have to sign up with a Tidal again? I wasn’t feeling how Tidal handled the 4 Peace Rally with audio but no video? What is that? Dang Prince, you are making me work hard for the music!

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