Jam Of The Week! PRINCE’s “This Could B Us” On Sale Now!

PRINCE This Could B Us Cover Photo NPG Records 2015

"This Could B Us" by music icon PRINCE debuted on the Tidal streaming service on Wednesday. The single is now available for purchase on all digital retail music sites.

This Could B Us from TIDAL on Vimeo.

"This Could B Us" is our jam of the week and is produced by Prince and Joshua Welton is the second single from "HITNRUN" which will be available exclusively first via Tidal on September 7th.

You can purchase "This Could B Us" on Google Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music.-DocFB

Diagnosis: There was at least one more version of "This Could B Us" that was played at Prince's Paisley Park Studios this past Spring, what is described as a more of a techno beat and dance mix of the song. (JW release it!!!!!!) That guitar solo on this one tho....

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  1. Prince never ceases to amaze!!!

  2. This should b interesting…

  3. I saw the track listing for H&R….only a few that peeked my interest. i was suprised to c the song he did for new girl, fall in love tonight, made it in.

  4. Finally heard it.

    Seems like Prince is testing the waters with this..

    I mean, Prince is not stupid, & he sho’ nuff aint tone deaf…

    I would say, he is saving the best for last..

    It’s all about business, which is completely understandable.

    Only flaw is, it’s holding him back from releasing great music videos & stuff like he used to do..

    He is more focused on $ & control, rather than just setting examples for the generation today on how cool it is to play instruments & dance while you’re doing it..

    The kids today aint paying attention 2u if u aint poppin, & if they can’t share what they experience u doin with their buddies & girlfriends..

    We are in a “I will believe it when I see it” society…

    Kinda sad, but that’s how it is..

  5. ok, not a bad snippet….u got my ear. but def not enough to pay a membership, for more then likely, one album, then he will pull it……. the 2014 version, with edits and minor revisions, i think could have been a more top 40 friendly hit. but lets see…..

  6. Reminds me a cross between “The Beautiful Ones” & “Future Baby Mama”..

  7. What’s with the Purple Rain era cover art?

  8. Was listening to “America”(the extended 20 min. version) about 2 weeks ago.

    Man that was 4unky!!

    Miss when Prince used to make maxi singles, with jamout versions, “Let’s Work”, “Poplife”, etc.

    Glad to see his new direction, guess it’s just a Prince-thang, take it or leave it…

  9. Got It! Just In Time 2 Add 2 My Weekend Mix ( Sighs Of Contentment 😉 )~<3

  10. Does Joshua have his own set of keys too Studio A ?
    JW, Joshua Welton, Jehovah Witness, things that make u go hmmm…

  11. Cool to the infinite power!!!❤️

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