PRINCE Is Coming To Oakland! Paramount Theatre This Sunday! 2 Shows! Tix On Sale At Noon Tomorrow!

Prince Oakland 2016

Fresh off of his tour of Australia and New Zealand, PRINCE is bringing his PIANO AND A MICROPHONE tour to OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA.

The show is this Sunday Feb. 28th, and tickets go on sale tomorrow Feb. 24th at noon!

There will be two shows that night.


Tickets for the show will range from $97.00 to $273.00

Take it from someone who has seen this show. U HAVE TO GO! It doesn’t matter if you saw Prince last year or a 100 times, you have NOT seen him like this. EVER.

Just him, a piano and a microphone. Sometimes when you are that talented that is all you need.

The show will feature rarities and Prince as you have never seen him before.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Oakland, they said U was funky. IF U are, U will be there this Sunday!!!!




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  2. Jem

    I don’t understand how tickets are showing up on other websites and app’s… Vivid Seats app is selling tickets (at very high prices)… how is this possible since Ticketmaster stated you had to present the credit card used to pay for the tickets and show ID… does this mean Ticketmaster sold tickets to these other websites/app’s to sell?

  3. vik.cookie

    Awwwww, shucks! 🙁
    I was waiting online at TicketBastard when the tix went on sale. I requested & refreshed for an hour & got nothing. Then I had to go to work. :'(
    Sooooo bummed…Here is my musical beloved, in my own backyard & try as I might, I am without a ticket….even with the Mac, IPhone & landline, all reaching out simultaneously!!!
    Tonights news said the tix were gone in 15 minutes. I was there for that 15 mins, trying with all y’all, hittin’ that ‘search again’ button over & over, but alas I suppose did not hit it at JUST the right time.
    To all those who did score, ENJOY!!! It sounds like it’s an amazing show. & then please be so kind as to share your experience with the rest of us…in words only, of course! 🙂 <3 xoxox

  4. Karen Marie

    Let the emotionz be your guide the piano tell the story AZ the audience weepz..

  5. Kelly Salaam

    My husbands almost 60 years old and still fine. How do you do it? Husband? I spent all those years kissing posters. I bet he gives nice hugs. Not the pat you on the back kind the feel you up kind. What was the topic i imagine myself laying on top of said piano and listening to him play or maybe id recite poetry i wrote to him over the years.

  6. Sugar L

    Oakland, Time 2 Show Up & Show Out! A Day After The Service 4 Denise’s “Home Going.” I Pray It Turns In2 A Weekend Long Salute 2 Our Beautiful Angel/Queen, She’s Deserving Of That & So Much More. Love Her, Miss Her, Truly/Deeply~<3

  7. Anonymous

    Wow that’s still 6 hours away, and im getting a big tax return in 3 weeks please do LA then around the 18th please please please. I haven’t experienced heaven since Paisley 09:-(

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