Are You A California Freak? Then Carrie Lane’s “Think About It” Is For You! Watch The Video Now!

Carrie Lane has just released her official music video for “Think About It” from her album “California Freaks” EP which is out now!

“Think About It” is the third single off Lane’s debut EP, California Freaks, available NOW.

“‘Think About It'” is a song for anyone who has turned to a toxic environment in order to escape a painful situation,” Carrie explained in a recent interview with Yahoo Music. “For some people, it’s about hanging on to a person or a situation that isn’t good for them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a substance or alcohol; in this case the booze symbolized my escape and how I tried to avoid coping with a painful heartbreak by numbing myself to those around me.” -DocFB

Diagnosis: Carrie’s second single off the EP, “If I Can’t Be With You,” made it’s debut on



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