14 Year Old Drew Ryniewicz Performs “Must Have Been Love” On X Factor

14 years old. 14. At 14, I was just learning to pick out my own boxers. Drew Ryniewicz is the real deal.

Drew performed "Must Have Been Love" by Roxette, made famous in the movie "Pretty Woman" starring Julia Roberts.

How many 14 year old's sing like that?  Amazing.  Pitch perfect.  Timing.  The timing is impeccable.

Just amazing.  Out of all of the auditions last night, this is one of the top two, for sure.

How can a 14-year-old sing with that emotion without more than likely ever experiencing love?  I hope she covers this song in her debut album.  Yes, I said it.  If she does not win the contest, this girl is getting a record contract without a doubt.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  It's Not Over...But Only Just Begun For Drew


14 Year Old Drew Covers “Baby” By Justin Bieber For X Factor

Drew Ryniewicz at 14 years old could be classified as a baby, but instead, she covered "Baby" by Justin Bieber and made it her own.

She blew away L.A. Reid, who we have been told a dozen times that he signed Justin Bieber.  What that means to us is if Drew can go far, she will be performing with Justin Bieber at some time during this X Factor year.  Watch out Selina!

She did a good job and was rather balsy to switch it up and make it hers.  Love it.

Check out Arizona's own Drew taking it to a whole level above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  America.....really does have talent on this show....


14 Year Old Cheerleader Dies From Heart Attack

Devon Christine Miller (Beaumont Unified School District)
Devon Christine Miller (Beaumont Unified School District)

Devon Christine Miller (Beaumont Unified School District)

Devon Christine Miller, a student at Beaumont Unified School District, went into cardiac arrest and has died.  The cheerleader died Wednesday morning.

Devon was suffering from an undisclosed illness from which she had been suffering and the school wants to assure that it was not related to any school activities.

The parents and students came together last night at the school to pay respect to her. 

Check out this touching video tribute to Devon.

Sigh. :(-Dr.FB