16 Years Old

16 Year Old Skyelor Anderson Dominates On X Factor Audition

The music cut off but Skyelor Anderson kept going with his X Factor audition. His first ever audition mind you, and he is only 16 years old. “Must Be Doing Something Right” was the song he was singing and he did everything right to move on further through the auditions. Love it.  LOVE.  Check it out. […]

Is Taylor Momsen Pretty Reckless?

OK, so when you are looking at these photos of Gossip Girl star turned singer Taylor Momsen with her band the Pretty Reckless, what are you thinking? You think she looks hot? Loving the garters and stockings? What if I told you she was 16? What would you think then? I think I remember girls […]

A Reminder: Miley Cyrus Is 16

Miley Cyrus was enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas over the weekend on the beach.  I know, I know, not really ground-breaking stuff. I was originally going to pass on posting any photos of Miley because she is 16.  I was going to until I saw some other bloggers making fun of her body.  Look, […]