TKO! Justin Timberlake’s Set List For The 20/20 Experience Revealed!

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Set List

Justin Timberlake's "20/20 Experience" tour kicks off tonight in Brooklyn, New York at the Barclay's center. The set list for the entire tour has been revealed! Who would do that??? Why Justin of course!

Inside the tour book that is being sold, is the set list that will be followed for the entire tour. Yup. No changes it seems. At least not for the start of the tour.

If you want to see the set list, click here!


New Justin Timberlake! “Take Back The Night” Listen To Preview Now!

Justin Timberlake Promo Photo

Before 2013, it has been years before Justin Timberlake released music. Now just 4 months after "The 20/20 Experience", he is teasing a new song "Take Back The Night" which will be on "The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2)"

To check out the preview of "Take Back The Night", click here...


New Justin Timberlake “20/20 Experience” Out Today; Volume 2 Due In November!

Justin Timberlake  Photo: Facebook.com/JustinTimberlake

Justin Timberlake's new release "20/20 Experience" is out today. The follow up, "20/20 Experience Vol. 2" will be released in November!

Questlove posted this to his web site:

"spoiler alert. 20/20 Vol 2 comes out in nov. (10 songs now…..10 songs later= 20 vision)."

The new release is expected to sell around 500,000 copies in it's first week.

With NSYNC, Justin holds the record for the most units sold in one week at 2.1 million for "No Strings Attached"....-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Hopefully Vol. 2 will have more upbeat songs...




Listen Now! New Justin Timberlake “Mirrors” 8 Minute Jam Of The Week!

Justin Timberlake  Photo: LatinoSpot.com

Justin Timberlake brought it at the Grammys, performing "Suit & Tie" and "Pusher Love Girl" and now has just released, "Mirrors" an 8 minute track that Billboard is already calling "Epic".

"Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake is our Jam Of The Week!

You can download the song NOW on I-Tunes!

It is good. Better than "Suit & Tie" and as strong as "Pusher Love Girl". "Suit & Tie" is already fading before the video is out, so here comes "Mirrors" where it doesn't sound like Justin at times.

Will "The 20/20 Experience" be a top seller when it is released?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Reflection....


Justin Timberlake’s “20/20 Experience” Kicks Off In L.A. Feb. 10th!

Justin Timberlake File Photo

Justin Timberlake will be kicking off the "202/20 Experience" at the Palladium on Feb. 10th, Grammy night. Tickets go on sale tomorrow Feb. 2nd.

Justin will be performing at the Grammy's and then heading to the Palladium to do his first show for the "20/20 Experience" which is the name of his new album that will be released on March 19th.

Justin made the announcement via Twitter and the Palladium is quite happy.

You can purchase tickets tomorrow HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Wonder who is in the band....