New Justin Timberlake! “Take Back The Night” Listen To Preview Now!

Justin Timberlake Promo Photo

Before 2013, it has been years before Justin Timberlake released music. Now just 4 months after "The 20/20 Experience", he is teasing a new song "Take Back The Night" which will be on "The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2)"

To check out the preview of "Take Back The Night", click here...

Are you ready to take back the night?....-DocFB

Diagnosis: Wow. That is quite a short sample. Does it sound good? Yes. Too short to say how good it will be. What if it is like a movie preview that gives you the best parts of the movie in the trailer alone. Judgement is still out on this one. Will have everyone talking though.....

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  1. That little snippet reminds me of a MJ jam. I say it sounds good! Thank u for sharing it with us. I bought the 20/20 Experience and found a lot of the songs sound pretty good..some are great songs. So for him to share a snippet of this new song and it sounds dope it makes me look forward to the sequel to 20/20 Experience album. Thanks for sharing!

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