Madonna To Express Herself On Lady Gaga & More In New Interview

Madonna is answering questions from her fans and the most popular one of all….what Madonna REALLY thinks about Lady Gaga. Starting Thursday, the Madonna interview will be on Good Morning America, Nightline, and 20/20. They show the Gaga question being asked and then after she made her comments, a reaction from the reporter of “Is that […]

Chris Brown To Be Interviewed On 20/20

Whatever Rihanna can do, Chris Brown can do as well.  Chris Brown will be doing an interview with 20/20, about a month after Rihanna did her tell all interview. The interview was supposed to be for Good Morning America but has now been moved to the 20/20 time slot on December 11th.  Perhaps Good Morning […]

Video~ Rihanna Talks About Chris Brown Beating

“When will it stop? When will it stop? He had no soul. He was blank.” Here it is. Rihanna talking about when Chris Brown beat her up 9 months ago. [If the video above stops working, go to http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=9013895 to watch it] She answers the question if she hates him and you may not believe the […]

Rihanna Releases New Single; To Talk About Chris Brown Incident

Rihanna is set to talk with Diane Sawyer for Good Morning America and an extended interview for 20/20 on Friday and she will talk about Chris Brown and what happened on that fateful night.  On the heels of that, with Rihanna’s first 2 songs off her Over RatedRated R CD due later this month sucking […]

Britney’s New Video To Debut on 20/20

Well, I guess all of MTV’s sucking up did not work at the VMA’s.  Either that or artists now see it is not worth it to give a video to MTV first.  Britney Spears new video will world premiere this Friday on ABC’s 20/20 News Program.  The song, which has been getting lukewarm responses at […]