Madonna To Express Herself On Lady Gaga & More In New Interview

Madonna is answering questions from her fans and the most popular one of all….what Madonna REALLY thinks about Lady Gaga.

Starting Thursday, the Madonna interview will be on Good Morning America, Nightline, and 20/20.

They show the Gaga question being asked and then after she made her comments, a reaction from the reporter of “Is that good? and Madonna answering “Look it up” and sipping some tea. Love it.

We can only guess what she said but I am sure she said something about Gaga copying her to a degree.

What do you think Madonna said about Gaga?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Its about to get catty……




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  2. justmemuchlove

    She is just beyond LAME..honestly. If your all ’bout.. what?..55 years old and you still think you have to do this.You don’t love yourself. Get out of your own way!!

  3. 1817

    yes, i agree… ’bout to get catty.

    curious if the Gene Simmons remake about her not being a good choice for Super Bowl will coem up?

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