Jam Of The Week: “Screwdriver” By PRINCE; Going For Radio Ads Next Week

Our Jam Of The Week is “Screwdriver” by PRINCE featuring Hannah Ford, Donna Grantis, and Ida Neilsen. The song will be going for ads on radio overseas as Purple Music will be distributing the single. UPDATE: Purple Music advised the single will be released digitally Feb. 4th on all known online stores. U can purchase […]

Andy Allo Releases “U Will B” Demo Duet With….PRINCE?

Instead of 3rdEyeGirl releasing something purple, it’s Andy Allo! Allo just put up “U Will B” a demo duet without the singing partner given credit, but it is PRINCE, right? Hmm. Andy Allo is set for a big 2013. Hot on the heels of the release of “Super Conductor”, Allo will be performing on the […]

New PRINCE Web Site?!?!?!?! 20PR1NC3.COM!

We talked about it a couple of weeks ago, and you asked for it. A new PRINCE web site!!!! http://www.20PR1NC3.com A few weeks ago we asked you on our PRINCE SPREECASTĀ if PRINCE had a new web site, funded and run by fans, how much would U pay? Right now, it seems like you’re getting a […]