Not Fu#@ You BUT Thank YOU!!!!!!

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Hello Funkenbabies!

It's been a while since I have been able to write one of these but I just had to.  I wanted to say THANK YOU!

Usually, in the summer months, people are too busy to go online or do anything.  Not you, our fearless reader!!!

Over the summer months, we averaged 300,000+ pageviews a month!!

In fact, we passed the 3 million pageviews mark sometime in early August.  Not even 2 years in existence!

I really appreciate you coming here when I know there are bigger sites out there.  I didn't say better but I will let you be the judge. 

To thank our advertisers as well, I am lowering the rates to advertise on the site for September.  To advertise, go here.

We are going to have several giveaways in  the next few days to thank you in our own way. 

I promise you in the next few months we are going to make some changes to make the site bigger and better for you. 

Thank you so much, to the people that love the site, the people that hate the site, and the people who come here several times a day that love and hate me all at the same time.-Dr.FB