Listen Now! PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl “Let’s Go Crazy” Reloaded!

3rd Eye Girl Let's Go Crazy Reloaded

Holy Mother Of G-d! 3rdEyeGirl on Twitter just released this rehearsal version of "Let's Go Crazy Reloaded by PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl! Thank U Madison Dube!

Man O'Man! PRINCE, Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford-Welton & Ida Nielsen sound amazing on this "Purple Rain" classic.

If this is what we are to expect on the Live Out Loud West Coast Tour....it is going to be rockin' to the 12th power!


Earlier this week, 3rd Eye Girl declared how FUNKY the tour was going to be.

With the "Let's Go Crazy" Reloaded rehearsal, they are right about the heeeir (Hair for the non-funky) being messed up in different directions!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Take Me Away!

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Exclusive! 3rdEyeGirl.com Presents PRINCE Live Out Loud West Coast Tour Poster!

Prince Live Out Loud Poster

Fresh off of last night's announcement of the PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl tour is the official tour poster!

The dates are:

April 15 & 16: The Vogue. Vancouver, BC

April 18 & 19: Showbox. Seattle, WA

April 23 & 24: DNA Lounge. San Francisco, CA

April 26 & 27: The Joint. Las Vegas, NV

April 30 & May 1: Marquee Theatre. Tempe, AZ

May 3 & 4: Hard Rock Hotel. San Diego, CA

May 7 & 8: The Grove. Anaheim, CA

2 shows a night!!!

We want to thank Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford Welton, Ida Nielsen and PRINCE for sharing the info on the Spreecast & on DrFunkenberry.com before anywhere else. It is appreciated.

Much LOVE to our girl LV for designing the official tour poster and sharing it exclusively with U. Hope to see it everywhere!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Time to LIVE OUT LOUD!

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Exclusive! 3rd Eye Girl Announce West Coast Tour With PRINCE!

PRINCE Live Out Loud Official Tour Poster

On the PRINCE Spreecast tonight with DrFunkenberry & Seth Everett, 3rd Eye Girl stopped by to drop some news about their upcoming tour with PRINCE and more!

Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford Welton, & Ida Nielsen, 3rd Eye Girl announced dates for the West Coast Tour With PRINCE.

You can watch the playback of the show HERE

The dates are:

April 15 & 16: The Vogue. Vancouver, BC

April 18 & 19: Showbox. Seattle, WA

April 23 & 24: DNA Lounge. San Francisco, CA

April 26 & 27: The Joint. Las Vegas, NV

April 30 & May 1: Marquee Theatre. Tempe, AZ

May 3 & 4: Hard Rock Hotel. San Diego, CA

May 7 & 8: The Grove. Anaheim, CA

They will be performing 2 SHOWS A NIGHT

More dates could be added...stay tuned!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Thank U Donna, Hannah, & Ida for sharing the news with us! 3rd Eye Girl

Expect ticket info in the next week or so....

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3rd Eye Girl LIVE on PRINCE Spreecast Tonight!!

3rd Eye Girl LOL Image By LV

3rd Eye Girl will be on the PRINCE Spreecast tonight!!

We hear the girls have a special announcement and they WILL be taking questions from the fans as well on the show!

The show is set to start around 10 P.M. Eastern Time but we might be a little late tonight. Just in case.

You can watch the show HERE


Diagnosis:  Open Your 3rd Eye! U Do NOT Want 2 Miss This!!!!


What The Critics Are Saying About PRINCE’s SXSW Performance

PRINCE Samsung Image By LV; Photo By GettyImages

You wouldn't know that there about 2200 other acts at SXSW over the past week as all the critics are talking about is one performer. PRINCE performed for over 3 hours and gave countless encores...all without picking up his guitar one time.

So..what are the critics saying about the greatest live performer?

He took the stage shortly after midnight, and his performance was built to last.-MTV

Prince's SXSW performance towars over all other performers-Huffington Post

Prince's band is tighter than a Marine Corps Top Sheet.-Rolling Stone

Prince threw a party to end all parties!-L.A. Times

Prince delivers a Housequake to Austin.-Billboard.com

Prince caps by SXSW in an unbelievable way.-Pitchfork

Prince's stamina at SXSW is something out of the book of legends.-Hollywood Reporter

We could print about a 1000 more, and there is that many!  Plain and simple, the icon dominated SXSW.

Don't forget to check out Jester's short review below and join us on the spreecast this Wednesday for his FULL review.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Austin will never be the same. Thank U.


PRINCE Makes Fans Dream Come True; Sending Him To SXSW!


Last night on the PRINCE Spreecast with DrFunkenberry & Seth Everett, a 20 year old fan from Texas named Jesse Jenkins, who has never seen his favorite performer PRINCE live before, and lives an hour from where the SXSW Festival was being held, was given a gift he was not expecting!

Jesse was hoping to see PRINCE at the SXSW Festival when it was announced that PRINCE would be playing. The $800 weekly pass and the VIP pass of $1,595 were really out of Jenkins budget. Samsung, who is hosting the party is giving away 250 tickets for people in Austin who have the Samsung Galaxy SII & SIII. Jesse unfortunately, does not have the Galaxy and did not have the $700 to purchase one.

Cue PRINCE & The NPG & 3rdEyeGirl to the rescue. Drfunkenberry announced during last night's show that he will be seeing PRINCE live this Saturday at SXSW courtesy of PRINCE & the crew!

Jesse's reaction was priceless. We are so happy for him we cannot even tell you. Check out him talking about not being able to go around the 56 minute mark and his reaction around the 58 minute mark! Priceless!

It felt great to play the role of Ellen and be able to surprise Jesse like that.

When we contacted Jesse later that night, he had this to say;

I can hardly get any sleep Doc! I'm just so amazed! I could not even expect this and the fact that it's at my front door..WOW! Such an amazing reality!

I want to thank PRINCE, The NPG, & 3rd Eye Girl for making it happen and allowing us to do it live on the show to catch Jesse's reaction!-DocFB

Diagnosis: When U have no expectations and no sense of entitlement, U will be rewarded


Watch Now! PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl Perform 2 Songs On Fallon

Prince On Jimmy Fallon  Image Credit: LV

Here is PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! The pop icon and his band consisting of Donna Grantis, Hanna Ford Welton & Ida Nielsen performed 2 songs on the late night talk show.

Here is "Screwdriver" which you can purchase on 3rdEyeGirl.com

Here is the classic "Bambi" which you can purchase a LIVE video rehearsal from Paisley Park at 3rdEyeGirl.com

What do U guys think of the performances?

Do U see Questlove on the cowbell??

What Do U think of the ending? Haha!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Until that day, we smash guitars and shatter glass



3rd Eye Girl “Live Out Loud” Video Now Available For Download Purchase!

L.O.L. 3rdEyeGirl Version 2 Photo Image By LV

The video for "Live Out Loud" from 3rd Eye Girl is now available for purchase from..you guessed it...3rdEyeGirl.com for $1.77.

The video was teased to be released by February but someone might have forgot that Feb only had 28 days this month so March 1st is not too late!

Don't miss the DEBUT of 3rd Eye Girl with PRINCE tonight on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!

We hear Jimmy Fallon will announce a West Coast Tour in April on his show tonight!-DocFB

Diagnosis: We Got A New Song....

P.S. Thanks 2 LV for making the special image above for 3rdEyeGirl


Getting To Know More About PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl!

PRINCE & The 3rd Eye Girl Photo: 3rdEyeGirl 2013

Stella Blu posted the photo above to her Instagram account within the past hour as we hear PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl are getting set for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  The image they are wearing above was made by Stella.

3rd Eye Girl consists of Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford Welton, and Ida Nielsen.

Maybe before Fallon...U might want to get to know 3rd Eye Girl above.

3rd Eye Girl LOL Image By LV

The photo above was made especially for the site by LV and we appreciate it. It may not stay up for long but we wanted to share it.

On last night's PRINCE spreecast, we talked extensively with the person who released "Live Out Loud" last week, Jester, on how he obtained the track and more! To access the full spreecast, click on the continue reading button below.-DocFB

U can purchase LIVE OUT LOUD Now on 3rdEyeGirl.com!!!

Diagnosis: Smarter & Stronger!