Thank You + Changes Are Coming

Hello there funkenbabies.  :)

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all that visit Drfunkenberry.com, for those that love us; thank you.  For those that love to hate me; thank you. For those that leave comments; a HUGE Thank you.

I appreciate your participation big time.  On that note, there will be some changes coming.  I am trying to get some retail going on here and have made some test t-shirts that I did not like, so changes are being made to them. There might be some sold in person at events before making it online, but it will be made available online soon.

Another change will be ads.  Hopefully, they have not been too troubling for you nor an eyesore.  There will be a slight increase in ads but NO Pop up crap. As the site grows each month, I have been getting contacted by advertisers a lot.  A huge increase last week. 

 Also, not to mention, the economy has taken a toll on me as well personally.  It is not something I wish to discuss in this public forum, but in order to make Drfunkenberry.com the best, which I feel you all deserve, these changes need to be made.

Also, I want to thank Nurse Goodbody for helping with the site.  Her help, input, post, and point of view has helped with the site growing and from the bottom of my heart, I am extremely grateful to have met her, brought her on board and work with her.  Thank you very very much.

I just want to give you guys a heads up and again thank you for making Drfunkenberry.com a place you visit every day, maybe sometimes 4 a day.  :) Thanks again sooooo much and much love to ALL of you.-Dr.FB