Surprise! Miley Cyrus Slams Sinead O’Conner; “Crazy Like Amanda Bynes!”

Miley Cyrus & Sinsead O'Conner Photo: HuffingtonPost.com/GettyImages.com

Should we really be surprised? Hours after Sinead O'Conner wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus about the ways of the music business, Miley took to Twitter to slam the 47 year-old Irish singer.

For the open letter Sinead wrote to Miley, click here.

Miley took snapshots of Sinead's Twitter feed talking about her needing meds and help and other things.

She even posted a photo of Sinead ripping a photo of the Pope on Saturday Night Live.

In case you haven't heard Miley is host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live this weekend.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will Miley rip a photo of O'Conner Saturday?

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  1. Sinead just wrote another open letter about a half hour ago.

  2. K, I had some sympathy for Miley, but now she’s just losing her mind. Sinead was standing for something very important and personal to her. Something that mattered to her. What are you doing with your “statement” that is for anyone but you, Miley? America is waiting for you to grow up.

  3. That isnt Sinead Oconner’s Twitter.

  4. Oh, Doc, Don’t give Miley any ideas there with that diagnosis.

    I’m not surprised at Miley either. Not sure if Twitter is the way to go but at least Sinead is asking for help. Sinead’s mental health/well-being issues should not have been the basis of Miley’s slam though.

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