Ana Moura

3rd Eye Girl Strikes Again! Releases Another Soundboard PRINCE Dakota Jam!

3rd Eye girl has struck again!!!! The elusive thief has posted soundboard recordings of PRINCE’s Dakota Jazz Club show, this time from show 1. Have to LOVE the “Stratus” jam…. This comes a week after 3rd Eye Girl posted “Chapter & Verse” from night two of the Dakota shows. Earlier today, 3rd Eye Girl hipped […]

Video: Prince & Ana Moura Performing “A Casa da Mariquinhas” & More!!!

As we tweeted yesterday, the very talented Ana Moura was going to take the stage with PRINCE at the Super Bock Super Rock festival in Portugal. Here is footage of Prince with Ana performing “A Casa da Mariquinhas” and PRINCE backing her up on guitar.  We heard they were also going to perform “Walk In Sands” a new […]

More Info On Prince & Montreux

We just got word that Prince has rehearsed the 3 players: John Blackwell, Rhonda Smith and Renato Neto for 2 weeks now and taught them new and old material alike as well as a few covers.  Sounds cool. Prince is using a smaller crew these days to allow space for the audience to properly hear […]

Prince To Attend Cannes Film Festival?

Seems like His Purple Badness has been a very busy man.  It’s hard to keep up with him, and with rumors circulating we can only wait and see what/where his next move will be.  Rumor has it Prince will be attending  The Cannes Film Festival with a very special date. Timeless….. Prince hit Paris Club […]