Video: Prince & Ana Moura Performing “A Casa da Mariquinhas” & More!!!

As we tweeted yesterday, the very talented Ana Moura was going to take the stage with PRINCE at the Super Bock Super Rock festival in Portugal.

Here is footage of Prince with Ana performing "A Casa da Mariquinhas" and PRINCE backing her up on guitar.  We heard they were also going to perform "Walk In Sands" a new track from his yet to be released in the good ol U.S.A. 20Ten record, but it was not. 

For now, enjoy this footage of Prince and Ana performing in Portugal.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: Here is another song below!!!

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  1. Sorry, but I found it boring as hell.

  2. I am portuguese and this song absolutely sucks…. this is a crap folk song.. Ana Moura can sing great things, but these 2 together playing an horrible song are the worst trbute possible both to Prince and Ana Moura.


  3. ^ JEALOUS ?????

  4. Ana Moura is one more in a long line of girls that Prince is cheating on Bria Valente with. This bizzare and pointless collabo is proof & his MO to impress chicks he wants to bed. Prince is a cheat, there is not 1 girl he has NOT cheated on in his entire life. Bria better wake up. Prince is using her and these other girls for as long as they will put up with it. The man will never be marriage material. You might catch a disease.

  5. uh…hmm…Thanks Prince you make anything look/sound good!

  6. Loved it! I wish I spoke Portuguese (sp) thanks for posting Doc

  7. Mm… Me too. They look sexy together

  8. Can anyone translate please??????

  9. …there’s a common dialect there that makes me wonder if I even speak english properly. nice

  10. Nice to see Prince playing along to a different tune. I wish I knew what she was singing about but this gringa only knows english, a lil bit uh french , a lil bit uh creole, and some very limited spanish courtesy of my dominican and puerto rican friends. Yet i could still feel the passion and emotion…….I SUPPOSE THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. very gentle and adoring. NICE CLIPS.

  11. very nice thanx 4 sharing

  12. Prince is so gifted he can make anything sound kool………….

  13. wow – that sucked.

  14. It was a fun little performance, and I think it’s great he played to the hometown crowd. Prince can make anything cool.

  15. I like “A Sos Com a Noite” much better. Thx 4 sharing Dr.F.

  16. SMH..
    Thank you do much for posting ,doc.

  17. That was truly, truly awful.

    Prince looks great, though.

  18. I bet the fans there enjoyed it. Thanks 4 the clips Doc!

  19. Man that was terrible. At least Renato Neto is back.

  20. That was uh..different. She is an OK singer and painfully MEH next to Prince’s energy and incredible presence. I understand she is from Portugal but this was a buzz kill.

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