More Info On Prince & Montreux

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince
Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince

We just got word that Prince has rehearsed the 3 players: John Blackwell, Rhonda Smith and Renato Neto for 2 weeks now and taught them new and old material alike as well as a few covers.  Sounds cool.

Prince is using a smaller crew these days to allow space for the audience to properly hear his favorite players right now.

We are being told that Prince will, of course be featured on guitar throughout the concert but mainly this year his goal is to showcase his sometimes overlooked vocal abilities.

Hence the stripped down vibe of this crew. 

As shown on his most recent performance on the Tonight Show, Prince feels he is improving as a vocalist and has taken the time to re-work arrangements to showcase his gift. 

Some tunes will just feature Renato on piano and Prince on vocals.  He is Prince's favorite pianist and as a fan of his work, it's a treat for him just listening to Renato every night without any audible distraction.

Prince has also been listening alot to new jazz star Esperanza Spalding.  He attended her concert in St. Paul, Minnesota recently and she and her impressive band came over to Prince's Paisley Park Studio for a tour and jam session that lasted til sunrise.  Now that's hot!  He loves to play with her and always teases he will join her band one day when he's good enough. Ha! BTW, she is a must see if you ever y'll get the chance.

In addition to Esperanza, Prince is a big fan of  Ana Moura. Her command of an audience is very impressive.  She has a strong voice that radiates sensuality.  Accompanied by 3 musicians when Prince saw her, Ana was a template as well as Esperanza for Prince's new approach to performance.

Awesome news. Let's hope this concert makes it's way to the United States soon!-Dr.FB

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  1. Prince is a treasure. I have loved his music since I was 12 (1984) and it’s been the soundtrack to many of our lives. Prince is an individual and a real artist. I really rate him vocally and think that people new to Prince are surprised when they see him live for the first time as they often realise for the first time that he is such a beautiful singer. His range is amazing and he sounds like no-one else. No-one screams like Prince! Another thing people often don’t realise can be very humorous! (-;

    Thankyou for the last 30 years or so Prince! Keep on doing your thang!

  2. I am SOOOOOO exited about this; I am loving the direction Prince is taking with his music, LOVE Renato and LOVE Rhonda! I wonder if the Club Nokia show was a taste of what is to come AMAZING!

  3. Hey Dr. F-
    I don’t see any tickets or mention on P’s site! It’s been in a Coma for awhile-like since the Opus! Can you fill me in on the more exclusive details! but I Love the Tease!


  4. U know I love me some Renato….but I would LOVE to see Prince on the keys all night long!!

  5. Thank you for this information. Princes’ live performances are a treasure!!!!!!!

  6. Thank u again dr.f for the update. I feel like dr. cornell west now, I am so glad we still have Prince. I pray that we in the U.S will get a chance soon to experience this “jazz” experience. Much love as always to Prince and the band….hurry back home!

  7. Just hoping to see the tickets being sold soon.
    Wondering what the pri(n)ce will be.
    Wondering how few tickets will be available.

  8. Man, I really REALLY want to go to this but it’s WAY too far to travel at this point in time. This sound like it’s going to be an incredible show and I hope that it’s a HUGE success for the man. Prince deserves it.

  9. Still Waiting!! REALLY I’m gonna cry…tears of joy of course. Watching the Leno performance was like a dream! Thank u 4 not taking it down:) UR much 2 shy 2 speak!! I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest every time i c u.
    I don’t know about future girl I just want to be future friend. There is no one I admire and respect more, not just for the most amazing music in the world but 4 taking his stand on Jahs side and including the TRUTH so eloquently and subtlely in ur lyrics, most encouraging 4 those who get it.

  10. …heard through the purplevine that Prince & The Band will be playing “Mountains” and “Still Waiting” at the Montreux show!!!!!!

  11. Thanks Doc for the info — I love when Prince is feeling Jazzy– Sounds like the up comming shows are going to be great I’ve got much love for Renato… wish I could be there.

  12. Esperanza Spalding is great, I’ve seen her twice live…such a great performance for such a little person.

  13. “..Also I’m new on Twitter hit up ThinkTimm….”
    Cannot find you on Twitter ThinkTimm. (am 2 justmemuchlove)

  14. Sounds AWESOME!

  15. I think the stripped down performances will be amazing!I could listen to him recite a phone book and it would be fantastic! Prince may get mad at me for saying what I am about to say (if he reads this-but don’t be afraid of a woman who speaks her mind!) but I MUST speak my true opinion. :) Growth,improvement,change and challenging yourself are all good things! Just make sure to follow your own cues and vision!
    I want what is HIM …not of someone else. :)

  16. His voice, it’s beautifully naughty.

  17. Cool – now how do I get my hands on some tickets……

  18. ^^ I like this post above.(will see ya ThinkTimm)
    Thanks for the info Dr.FB. I like this new setting Prnce is doing
    And ofcourse I cannot go. Much love Prince.

  19. Thanks dr funk for the info as always u first man yea

  20. Thank U 4 posting this news. N this world, I feel that Prince gets overlooked entirely 2 much. Prince had been a favorite of mine since I 1st heard my parents spin his FIRST record (wax) when I was 9 yes old. The most creative & gifted being… That all must b compared 2… Prince. 4 those don’t get 100 (REAL) with the undenable fact that Prince is the TRUTH. This 4 the Purple Family… What is the openning lines of “2 Whom It May Concern”? If U know the answer, Peace & B wild. Also I’m new on Twitter hit up ThinkTimm.

  21. I love hearing Prince sing.

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