Green Day & Rovio Hook Up & Launch Angry Birds Friends Episode & Bonus Song!

Green Day has hooked up with Rovio, the company that created Angry Birds, to launch an episode of Angry Birds Friends. This is the first time Rovio has hooked up with a band to do this.

The episode features 10 never-before-seen themed levels, as well as all new bad pig characters inspired by band members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool.


The Next Big Thing: APPISODES?!?!

 So, I was surfing iTunes today and happened upon the App Store and while I can preview it on the puter I can't actually enjoy the addictive stupidity of "Angry Birds" on my phone (thank God) but I did happen upon an app that made me want to upgrade (Thanks Verizon for finally adding iPhones!) to a new phone.

It's the world's first motion comic 'appisode' series on the Apple Network.  I like comic books but after a few minutes I feel schizophrenic finding my place from one dialogue bubble to the next. The sound effects, original score and story make it feel like Movie Watching your comic!

Omega 1 is a hot ass brunette who's been genetically enhanced after the last World War --- a "Hacker War" where ALL information is sold to the highest bidder. Like where you live (stalker alert!), credit card info, nuclear codes, you know, the info the credit collectors usually have anyway.  Hot assed, bendy Omega 1 is an information courier and kicks all kinds of ass in the process of bringing secured information to her clients (can we petition the US Post Office to employ chicks like this?!)

Anyway, its cool,  I like it.  Check it out! It's made for iPhone, iPads and iPods.  99 cents gets you the full appisode, character breakdowns, the actual comic book and commentaries.  You can preview the trailer here: 

P.S. Prince trivia here: Prince's original (and best IMHO) website designer Sam Jennings created their press website.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Appisode Of The Future?