AOL Agrees To Purchase Huffington Post!~

The Huffington Post has new owners this morning as AOL has agreed to purchase the web site for over $300 million dollars. Kind of surprised the Post was even being sold…and that AOL still has that much money after Time Warner. For more on the deal, go HERE! What do you think of this business […]

1 Million……..

1 million page views. 1 million. Wow.¬†¬†has hit 1 million page views on this site. I moved the site and lost the 800,000 plus we had in a short time and I went independent which made it slightly harder to find an audience. Since’s move, we have had way more up’s and downs but […]

Time Warner Buys Back AOL From Google

Time Warner bought back stock from Google for AOL for 283 Million. Interestingly enough, Google bought the stock for 1 billion in 2005. That’s a drop.-Dr.FB