Ashley Tisdale

Zac Gives Musical Cast Member Facetime

Zac Efron hung with High School Musical cast mate Ashley Tisdale…at least I think it it Ashley Tisdale. With that hair, I am not so sure. He just got back from chilling in Vancouver, Canada for a bit where he was filming a movie  and the paps did not miss a beat picking him up […]

Ashley Tisdale Shuts Down Americana Mall

Ashley Tisdale performed at the Americana Mall last night and 3,500 fans showed up. I think that may have been more than they were expecting even though her CD was just number 1 on the Billboard Charts. It got a point where they did not allow patrons to shop because of how many people were there […]

Ashley Tisdale Attends Teen Choice Awards

Ashley Tisdale attended the Teen Choice Awards. Tisdale recently had the number 1 CD in the country. She is lucky that Kristen Stewart walked the carpet earlier so she wasn’t the most uncomfortable one there.-Dr.FB

Is Ashley Tisdale Following A Trend?

It’s the same story in Hollywood for decades.  Actor or actress wants to be a singer.  Singer or rapper wants to be an actor. The problem? Many of them are getting their wish. I haven’t listened to Ashley Tisdale’s new CD (still bumping the future of 2010, Breakerbox) so I can’t judge it. Miley Cyrus […]

New Cast For “High School Musical 4”

HSM4  marks a return to the Disney Channel with a new cast of characters to replace the “graduating class” of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, et al. The latest incarnation of Disney’s goldmine franchise will premiere in 2010. Read more here.