Audio Stepchild

Audio Stepchild: Every Coincidence Has A Sofa Bed

Audio Stepchild has just released “Sofa Bed”, the first single off of their album “Every Coincidence is Significant” which features hip-hop group Nappy Roots, who have sold more than 5 Million records worldwide. Both are now available now through Hoopla Worldwide / WIDEawake / E1 Music. Audio Stepchild released an album 11 years ago which […]

The Prince And Audio Stepchild Connection

Audio Stepchild Album Cover

Back in 2001, Audio Stepchild released an album entitled “Land Of The Snake Charmer” that featured the standout track “When Will Be Paid”, performed by Prince, who covered the original song from The Staple Singers from 1969. This newer version was released on BCD Music Group (A venture with Tony Draper of the legendary Suave […]