Tiah Tolliver Covers Blackstreet On X Factor

I kind of cringed when I heard the opening words to “No Diggity” by BlackstreetĀ on X Factor by Tiah Tolliver. Her vocal delivery at the end may have saved her and proved Simon Cowell right for fighting the other judged to keep her. I think Simon is going to keep her into the next round. […]

Melanie Amaro Covers Michael Jackson On X Factor

Melanie Amaro covered “Will You Be There” by Michael Jackson on X Factor. I was not sure about the song selection by Simon Cowell at first, but again, he chose the right song and she nailed it. Simon I think has the hardest decisions to make as his group appears to be the most talented. […]

Marcus Canty Covers K.C. & Jojo On X Factor

Marcus Canty was not given exactly a great song by L.A. Reid on X Factor, but he did the best with what he had. The song “All My Life” by K.C. & JoJo (Note to X Factor site, it is NOT Casey & Jojo) was performed by Marcus in front of Rihanna and L.A. Reid. […]

Chris Rene Performs “Everyday People” On X Factor

Chris Rene performed “Everyday People” on x Factor last night. Now, although credited to Sly & The Family Stone on the X Factor site, but it is closer to the version by Arrested Development back in the 90’s. L.A. Reid made a good song selection for Chris and it seemed to impress Rihanna. I loved […]