“I Am The Batman! I Am The Night” See Christian Bale’s “Dark Knight” Audition!

Batman Drawing Provided By ByrneRobotics.com

Anytime I can use a John Byrne comic book piece to promote a story, I am all about it. This time, it is for Christian Bail's "Dark Knight" audition!

Christian Bale auditions for Batman Begins in... by BatmanNewsCom

Bale is in Val Kilmer's batman suit for the audition. It doesn't look right on Christian does it?

This will be released as a bonus on the upcoming “The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition” box set.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Affleck will be just fine....


Tiah Tolliver Covers Blackstreet On X Factor

I kind of cringed when I heard the opening words to "No Diggity" by Blackstreet on X Factor by Tiah Tolliver.

Her vocal delivery at the end may have saved her and proved Simon Cowell right for fighting the other judged to keep her.

I think Simon is going to keep her into the next round. The reason? Pride. he fought for this girl and if he eliminates her now, it proves the other judged right for now keeping her.

So for now, it is "diggity" for Tiah we think. Agree?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Didn't like the way she worked it til the end....


Melanie Amaro Covers Michael Jackson On X Factor

Melanie Amaro covered "Will You Be There" by Michael Jackson on X Factor.

I was not sure about the song selection by Simon Cowell at first, but again, he chose the right song and she nailed it.

Simon I think has the hardest decisions to make as his group appears to be the most talented.

So far, Simon and Nicole are picking the best songs for their groups. Tuesday night is gonna be crazy with eliminations coming up.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Simon Says......


Marcus Canty Covers K.C. & Jojo On X Factor

Marcus Canty was not given exactly a great song by L.A. Reid on X Factor, but he did the best with what he had.

The song "All My Life" by K.C. & JoJo (Note to X Factor site, it is NOT Casey & Jojo) was performed by Marcus in front of Rihanna and L.A. Reid.

He sang it better than K.C. & Jojo could and did. Marcus seemed more intimidated by Reid than Rihanna. Interesting.

We liked it but still did not like song choice.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Wonder if Reid will pick "Freak n u" next by Jodeci


Chris Rene Performs “Everyday People” On X Factor

Chris Rene performed "Everyday People" on x Factor last night.

Now, although credited to Sly & The Family Stone on the X Factor site, but it is closer to the version by Arrested Development back in the 90's.

L.A. Reid made a good song selection for Chris and it seemed to impress Rihanna.

I loved how Rihanna clowned Reid's dress attire. Back to the performance, I think it was good enough to make it to the next round.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Speach more than Sly


InTENsity Bring The Ting Tings To X Factor

10 members equals ten times the InTENsity, right? Maybe, but not sure for X Factor.

The performance of "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings is good but with 10 members, I am not really sure how far they are going to get when it is everyone competiting and not just bands.

Right now, this performance is one of the most watched auditions but just because it is the most popular, does not mean it is the best.

Paula Abdul and Pharrell have a big decision to make and although it might be inTENse, I am not sure the group is going to like her answer.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Yes, actually, that is my name....


Leroy Bell Covers Adele On X Factor

Leroy Bell covered Adele's version of "Make You Feel My Love" written by Bob Dylan on X Factor.

Bell is 60 years old and it is hard to believe he has yet to ever be signed to a label with a voice as soulful as his.

It's pure. It's soulful. It's beautiful. He looks good for 60 I must say.

Nicole Sherzinger is really picking the right songs. L.A. Reid could learn something from her. Just saying.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We feel it.....