Bill Clinton

Watch Now! Bono Of U2 Impersonates Bill Clinton!

Bono attended the Clinton Global Initiation this week and while on the panel, he impersonated former President Bill Clinton. He was quite spot on! Love it! Classic. Check it out!-DocFB Diagnosis: Liked Bill Clinton as President…except for that whole FCC thing where a company can own more than one radio and TV station. Now, that […]

George Clinton Lands The Mothership On “The Daily Show”

George Clinton brought the mothership to The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.  It all started with talking about another Clinton, Bill. They talked about how Hillary and Bill would fly to people’s rescue.   Jon then asked how John Olliver was going to get out of Beijng and Oliver said he is leaving the best Clinton […]

Video: Bill Clinton: Pimp Of The Nation?

Bill Clinton returned as a hero with the 2 reporters who were held hostage in North Korea. My friend was telling me last night that North Korea wanted Bill Clinton to be the one to come over. The offered Bill Richardson, and even Al Gore, but Kim Jong Il wanted Big Will. E. Style and […]