Kim Kardashian Caught!

Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian was caught over the weekend in Miami. I am sure some of you are like “what was she caught doing, doc?”  Well isn’t it obvious? Oh, so know Kim is checking out on her blackberry funkbenberry don’t you? hehe.-Dr.FB

How Can You Be My Valentine?

Hello everyone.  Well, it’s friday and it’s Valentine’s Weekend and if you do celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day & Weekend.  Last night, I had some trouble sleeping and decided to write something.  I would not call it a song yet, but wanted to share it with you all and hope you […]

Jennifer Lopez Has A Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez has a back-up plan.  No, we don’t mean she found someone if Marc Anthony f’s up again.  The “Back-Up Plan” is the new movie she is filming. While taking a break from filming, we can only imagine she was checking out on her funkenberry blackberry.  She still looks smoking even when she […]

Lady Gaga Looking Somewhat Normal

Lady Gaga was looking quite the lady as she left Heathrow airport on Tuesday. Wonder if she was checking funkenberry out on her blackberry?  Hmm.-Dr.FB

Jennifer Aniston Gets Suffocated

Jennifer Aniston was out and about last night when all of a sudden her scarf tried to suffocate her. Why? She was trying to check drfunkenberry on her blackberry to see if John Mayer has twittered about her recently. Sad to say no Jen, but at least next time, you will see this story about […]